4 Obstacles to Decluttering & How to Beat Them Part 3

Newark, DE

That's cool. I haven't had a trip since 2004 so I don't fool with the book CD's, but for someone that just drives a while daily to work it is a good idea too. Again, I am unfamiliar with Kindle's but if you can download apps like the tablet, there is one for audible books (think it's www.audible.com ) and you get some free with it. It has a monthly fee though after you free trial, so I don't if it would be worth it to you. However, it is owned by Amazon so they may be available there - I never checked. It's not worth it to me because when I am busy with housework, I listen to internet podcasts about subjects I enjoy and sometimes streaming music on wireless headphones, instead. No one else hears it, so no one is bothered and I am mobile for the chores. They work all over the house and outside all over the property very well because their range is 325' and through walls.

Thinking about it, that is something you might want to think about for all your outside activities in the yarden. Many makes are out there and if you do, you want ones that have a range, not obstructed by walls and not where you have to be " in line of sight" to your computer. Mine are made by Sennheiser (Model HDR120 which I found at a good price on Amazon) but many make them. I bought mine in 2008 and they are still going strong - on the same rechargeable batteries that came with it. They recharge in the base when not in use. You could easily download the books to your computer and then listen to them while gardening!.......just a thought, though I know some people prefer the silence of gardening, so maybe not. I find them beneficial for "therapy". If I am concentrating on the conversations of a podcast, or listening to music I am not concentrating on whatever problems are going on or even my pain. Well, pain screams through it - but it keeps me from dwelling on it so much. Hope that makes sense.

Oh and BTW, to both you and Rosie, I forgot to let you know about "Allegiant" and the trilogy as a whole. In one word - excellent. Yeah there were parts that were a bit wordy but overall I think she did very well. I for one appreciated her way of giving "life lessons" to the young readers that were her intended audience. As characters experienced things in their life, it was shared in the book as story with a moral - and good ones at that. Yet, it never seemed "preachy" even though the author's Christianity is clear. We seldom see that any more. I would highly recommend the series to anyone over the age of 12, maybe 10 if they are mature. I am so glad I read them and didn't watch the movie to make my opinion. The movie really sucked.

Anyway - to everyone - HAPPY 4TH!!!!

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

It is a seriously rainy 4th not sure what we will do haven't heard if the picnic we were invited to is going to be canceled or not. They have a nice size house but I don't know if they might try to reschedule for tomorrow.
I used to take my Tape Player out in the garden with me and listen to books on tape while I weeded. At the time weeding was a real chore, now it is something I enjoy and I love hearing the birds and sound of the wind so I don't need the distraction of a book on tape. I use to carry a personal CD player and listen to books when I worked depending on what the job was. I will say that they make a 12hr drive just fly by.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Just a quick skim over your messages.
Justgotback fromFl...my brother.... Good Lord. more crap. And no help that isn't $$$$$$$ and his short memory....gone. what a mess.

The iPad ruined for paper books. Some not available electronically and so I got paperback and found cannot read. Used to the large font. Used to the quick turn of the f"page" automatic adjustto the my read page..the occasional dictionary plus copying things I want to remember ..a nice phrase or thought. but sure wish I could find the favorites...little by little they show up and amazon has a place I saw where you can suggest the book be made available.

Hollie....jigzone.com lets you upload your own photos and make puzzles. Turn into crazy shapes...small amount of pieces or very tiny many pieces ... I think if memory serves you can do atsametime with an ' opponent' for quickest time...great for grandkids "puzzle-offs" I imagine. It has been a long while sinceIdidbut pretty sure that's the name.i like wordchums to keep mind busy and I play against friends, strangers but mostly against the chumbots ( the computer)
Also play words with friends. With humans and the computer. I have speakers outside and play CDs with gardening but mostly like you Holliejust listen to the wind and the bees.

Debbie, you can loan books I think two weeks. You can't read at same time however.
I maybe dreaming but I think I bought zoo and bookmarked divergent. The fla trip has me rattled

Newark, DE

Holly & Rosie - I imagine if I lived more in the country like I want, I would feel the same about the quiet in the yard. Sadly, that is not the case for me. When I bought my house in 89 it was surrounded by trees and although on a corner, it was a small road intersecting a regular 2-lane. I enjoyed open windows and fresh air and being/sitting outside. Now, the little road is a big one, the 2-lane is now a major US route that they widened to a 4 lane with median so it is like an Interstate and took 85-90% of the trees separating my property from it. Lack of trees and at least 50 cars idling at the light at any given time, have taken away the fresh air and open windows. Instead we have air filtration system that runs 24/7 and the windows stay closed. The din of all kinds of traffic; cars, motorcycles, tractor trailers and the quite often sirens of all types of emergency vehicles is unescapable, even in the house. We no longer enjoy outside...at all. Even if we grill, it comes right onto the plate and into the house. So, for me, the headphones for the time I must be out help drown the noise.

Rosie - sorry to hear about your brother having more problems. I have seen commercials on TV often about class action lawsuits regarding Xarelto. If you have not pursued it for him, perhaps you should look into it. His symptoms fit perfectly and if I recall you said that is what the doctor told you was the cause. Sounds like a slam dunk case and if the money can help his medical needs, a blessing for sure! I also understand the frazzled brain (and body) dealing with such and ordeal, because as you know I have my own family needs to deal with. Just so you know, when I see those commercials I am reminded to say a prayer for both you and him.

Did you mean one Kindle owner can loan a book to another Kindle owner for 2 weeks? Or does Amazon have a lending program like a library, and if so, is it just for Kindle owners? If you don't know - don't worry I can check into it when I get a chance. If it has a library for anyone with a Kindle app I might find something of interest there. I put the book "Four" on hold at the library's eBook list, but I think I am 20 or so on the list. Bummer.. I may search other avenues there. I would like to read it soon since I just finished the Divergent trilogy. It isn't necessary to read, but should be good.

I haven't been reading anything since I finished Allegiant. Dad has had some medical needs going on and is also getting new windows put into his back porch. Of course, I need to clean the back porch before the windows get here. He spends a lot of time out there puttering with whatever project he's doing, because he enjoys watching out the windows and mainly because he smokes out there - not in the house thankfully. So, after I clean all the gook off the stuff and put it away or move it, then I get to scrub the nasty ciggy smoke off the walls, window casings...everything. I spent 2 whole days at it and am headed there again just as soon as I finish this cup of coffee. I should be at least 3/4 done today but at least all of the window areas will be finished. What will be remaining is the corner without a window, so if by chance the windows come in before I get that completed, it will not interfere with the workers. I'd like to get done what I need to do today fairly early and let that corner go, so I can get home and mow. More rain is coming and today is sunny but I am sure Dad will have other ideas....he always does....bless his heart.....

Well - coffee is gone and I soon will be on the road - have a good one girls.....and Rosie get some rest and give yourself something to rest your mind - whatever it is that does it for you - Love and prayers girlfriend!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks! My brother (72) has on my sister ( 70 ) and he is fiercely independent. She has to keep up utilities, bills, medical appts, sees what he spends in deliveries (booze) etc. and he resents it and is so NASTY to her. And he ADORES her. They have always been very close -- age wise and otherwise. She was trying to put out his weekly pills in the cases and he screamed at her to shut the light in an otherwise dark dining space where she had pills spread out (he keeps blinds closed from Florida sun). When I was there he screamed at me because the nebulizer breathing machine made "too much noise" and he couldn't "hear Judge Judy" ( he tossed a doctor out in the hospital because he came during Judge Judy..he refused to go for a needed CT scan because of Judge Judy. ... I said "well, Butch...we will just get rid of some unnecessary noise then"...and I shut his OXYGEN concentrator off.... The expression on his face was priceless 😊 if I were she...Iwould have given him sunglasses. But she is a bull like him.

Anyone heard//seen Ruby? One of you gals knows her 'in the flesh' right?

I think if you purchase a book from Amazon......and have kindle or use the kindle app for iPad or another device.......you can loan.

I use an iPad. Also via amazon there are lots of $.00 books...mostly the first few in a series to get you hooked on the series or .99 books, etc.

There is a product ..takes that smoke residue right off walls but I'll be damned...I can't think of it. Tri something phosphate??

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Haven't seen or talked to Ruby in some time. She and John had come to a swap, a while back can't seem to remember which one, not this year maybe spring 2014 at Aspenhill's home. When I saw them last they were doing good, but it has been quiet a while. Ric was looking her up on Facebook a few weeks ago he found a Ruby Watts in Virginia and sent a friend request but hasn't heard back.
Missingrosie, So sorry to hear about your brother. I remember a few years ago when Ric's Dad had his surgery and we were down there for a month or more. One nigh I don't know how Ric kept from dumping dinner in his father's lap. He was so nasty. I do understand how it can be when you resent the fact that you need help and you are in pain but I would seriously have trouble dealing with that kind of sh.....I'm pretty patient but will only take so much abuse.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I know butI send her stuff on dementia and he fits the profile

He accused her of stealing his SHEETS and a watch 😖

A handful - we are all close even if not in distance. it hurts to see his sweet happy go lucky self disappear.

I read zoo. It was good. Never read the author I figured he was like Stephen King and Anne Rice. Cranks out too many books. But it was good and entertaining.

If you here back from Ruby extend my regards please

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

My FIL doesn't have dementia he just has a nasty disposition.
So ladies, I have hired myself some housecleaning help. I have long wanted to hire someone to come and clean for me and I finally did it. She is a local lady who recently retired, I think that she is about my age and just a little ball of fire, like I was before the back injury. She isn't a professional housekeeper so this is new for both of us. She is going to come today and give the whole downstairs a really good cleaning and then I will have her come back as needed. Not sure maybe once or twice a month or just whenever I need her. I hate to spend the $$$ on something that I can do but it just doesn't seem to be getting done right now. Trying to keep up with the garden is about all that I am getting done right now and even that is more than I can handle. Ric and I talked and I told him we need to de-clutter before she comes to clean, so yesterday he took all this tools and things from the mud/utility room back down to the barn. First time it is completely free of tools in at least a year. I have a small amt of de-cluttering to do as well. She is coming this morning and we will see how that goes. I have been telling Ric for years that just because he can do something doesn't mean he has to do it. Guess I am finally listening to my own advice. My back has been pretty bad the last few weeks going in next week for an injection. Hopefully that will fix it for awhile.

Newark, DE

Hi girls,

Sorry to be MIA for a while. Along with the other medical needs, Dad had a mishap and nearly cut two of his toes off Thursday. It's always something. Plus, I have been helping him clean off and then clean up, the back enclosed porch before the new windows he ordered come in to be installed. My back is killing me, but I started as soon as they were ordered, which gave me "1-2 weeks". That way, I get a day or two to rest my back in between. It's been 1 1/2 weeks and I am 75-80% done, and 90% around the windows. I am hoping to get the window area done completely today. Leaving the one corner I spoke of before. I might get that corner done in the next few days too. I have to change the dressings on his toes everyday and I might just do a little each day instead of trying to work a few hours at it on one day and recuperate for 2 more.

Rosie - Sorry to hear about your brother. Yes, dementia is a nasty and sad thing. Dad has it but it is not too bad yet. He seems to be doing better at times, and others - not so much. Glad you enjoyed Zoo as well. I'll get back to reading as soon as I get this porch done - let y'all know what they are and what I think when I finish them.

Congrats Holly on getting help. I know all about back pain and wish I could do the same. Money is a big obstacle but I have to admit I suffer from the same as Ric. Why pay someone to do what I can even if it isn't fast? The other problem is clutter and stuff in the way. How can anyone clean when my crap is in the way? I have been making tracks on that, with eBay and donations, when I can. Then doing a deep clean of rooms afterward. It is slow but so far I am getting there. Truth be told, I could get a lot more of my own stuff done if I were not taking care of my Dad and my brother sometimes too. Their stuff usually eats away 2-4 days a week, every week, they just vary. If it is hard (painful for me) work, I sometimes am unable to do anything for a day or two afterward...But such is life....at least mine.

Synchronicity!! Ironic y'all were asking about Ruby. I had not heard from her in a while. We emailed often before she got so involved with their store they opened. It then became now and then, but it has been a while. So, I got to thinking about her too and I called her. She wasn't home so I left a message. She called back while I was at the hospital with Dad. I got back too late to call her so I called the next day. We're playing phone tag and she is "it" now. Likely, she will call once I leave to go to Dad's. LOL At this point all I can say is she is still busy with the store but more than that I don't know yet. When we do get to talk I will tell her y'all asked about her. I am sure she will be happy to know you care.

Gonna finish this coffee and head to Dad's - hope you have a great day.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Your dad has a good daughter.

Never say never - I always said I would not hire a person to clean - but I've had days when my gut hurt bad enough to change my mind should it persist. I would however hire out the yard work...not the fun parts but the leaf stuff, mulching, triming and clearing. IN A HEARTBEAT!
I have a lot of energy and hyperactivity and OCD about certain things keeps things in the living spaces pretty neat.....we ain't talking about the attic now..... if I had orthopedic issues -- well their ain't no getting around that...backs..and hips...and knees and shoulders....all big monkey wrenches in plans.

I worked with a gal ( 2 actually ) for years and both started separate cleaning businesses and do very well. Like the work a lot more than working at the hospital. Both invited me to join them but I think I would be too slow. Perfectionist.
Topic change!! Black stockings meadow rue FINALLY bloomed after 3 years. The stalk not as black as I imagined.

Another change of topic - clutter/ organization related. I had tall boxes with gift wrap in the attic. Got clear garment zipper ( suit type ) and zipped the rolls up inside and hung. Now I can see what I got!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I started.abook The Colony..Anne Rivers Siddons ( I may have the spelling wrong)

This is an example of the writing

All places where the French settled early have corruption at their heart, a kind of soft, rotten glow, like the phosphorescence of decaying wood, that is oddly attractive. Seductive, even, if my mother-in-law, whose astonishing opinion that was, was to be believed.

The creaking of the old twig rocker in the porch below my window, stirred by the rising night wind, sounds very much like the drying ropes on the sloops moored down in the little deep-water harbor at the foot of the laneóor lines, as I believe theyíre called. I never learned the proper sailing terminology; Peter was a passionate sailor, but from the first I disliked it, and to use the language without the object of it has always seemed to me both ostentatious and ridiculous. I have never thought myself either.

I am really having a hard time. I can track what the author is saying...but I cannot seem to catch the flow and begin to actually join the tale....both examples in the prologue. I don't know if the sentences are too long....too descriptive....the phrasing is off.....or....scarier....IS IT ME.??? A sign of early Alzheimer's is loss of reading skills... YIKES!!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

The conventional wisdom of her day was that Hannah Stuart Chambliss would rather be burnt at the stake than tell a lie. I donít find that surprising at all. I think the Maid of Orleans role would have pleased Mother Hannah to a fare-thee-well, even the fiery martyrís death. Mother H had a streak of thespian in her as wide as her savage stratum of truth, and she employed it just as fiercely when the need arose. I never knew anyone who escaped those twin lashes except my husband, Peter. He alone might have profited from them.

See, I had to stop after this paragraph.....search my mind...was Hannah Stuart Chambliss a historical,figure that I should be able to place in this context and "get it " ?
Surely the Maid of Orleans role is....( even tho I have no personal reference for that ) and what were the " twin lashes " ? Ttruth and drama?????? It is just the first few pages and so I have no characters yet...except that Peter is the husband of the person ( name unknown ) from whose point of view the tale is being told. Wow.... Maybe I'd better go with Secret of the Old Clock and good ole Nncy Drew...

I generally like a good tale about a summer at the lake or on an island ...New England....foggy.... A good clam chowder..a few adulterous trysts ...and the big secret unveiling after 50 years..... But this one may be my undoing .....

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I have read some of Anne Rivers Siddons books and enjoyed them. That paragraph sure seems a bit verbose. I don't really remember if this is normal for her writing.

Not too sure about having someone come and clean for me. I did like her and she did a nice job. I wish she would have stayed longer and finished more. She was here for less then 4 hrs. What she cleaned looked nice and it wasn't that she was slow just that I wanted a really good overall cleaning which meant up on a ladder to dust the high shelves and all the things on them. Just too dirty to use a dusting wand. She ran the webster over the ceiling, got the cobwebs from the corners, polished the furniture, vacuumed and steam mopped the floors. She got the greatroom and bathroom done. Did the floor in the kitchen but nothings else. If she had stayed an extra 20 mins that would have been 4 hours and maybe finished the kitchen I would have been happier. She did ask if I wanted anything else done before she left but she seriously looked tired so I sent her home. She is to come back and do the hallway, 2 bedrooms and the mud/utility room. But she didn't seem to have time to come back for more than another week. I wasn't expecting her to do the whole downstairs in one day but I was hoping for it to all get done over a few days. Now 4 days after she was here the floors are looking like they need vacumed again and I am wondering if I really want to spend my $$ on this. Although it did give me a nice lift to have the great room & bathroom clean and I am certainly not up to doing it right now. I go tomorrow to get my epidermal shot tomorrow so hopeful I will be better soon and I won't wait so long between shots again. Also Ric's and my de-cluttering efforts were very productive. While she was here I did some small jobs like taking down the shower curtain and washing it something I have been thinking about doing for awhile but didn't get around to it.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Well, for what it is worth, there is a difference in a big clean involving chores not normally routinely.done and keeping up what you have done routinely.....hmmmm that is as clear as Anne Rivers Siddons is to me.....hahahahaha

4 hours is a long time for one retired person and maybe two merry maid types would have been the ticket to get you up and running ( does she have a twin?? ). I bet she did a more thorough job than a Merry Maid tho!

Seriously...if she was a "regular" for you -weekly- she would do less for shorter periods and charge less and "maintain." If you get her once a month there will always be that huge cleaning day that is bound to leave things undone plus a week or maybe more in that month that you are unhappy being in the house. Both you and the housekeeper would be discontent for different reasons. I really think before you decide it is not a good arrangement for you that you let her finish the unusual things that are done once a season - maybe - and then see how you like her coming in once a week to do the baths, floors, and whatever you need. she could get a lot done in 1.5-2 hours that way and you would feel things are freshened.

I asked my friend what she does in a typical week visit...she said baths, all floors ( I think that means carpets and tile, wood ) dust, change sheets, load of laundry,
I did not ask her what she charges. I could if it will help but. I know Vickie and she goes to 2-3 houses tops in a day and she is not an all day working kind of gal. So that is why I say less than 2 hours.

I will say this BUT I have NO experience with it...my sis L O V E S that robo cleaner thing. .
It is something like $325- 350!! Her kids chipped in and got it for her for one of the holidays. It doesn't fall down steps...it goes under things, it doesn't get hooked up in corners. She has three dogs and 2 shed ..she is thrilled with the thing. My floors stay clean no kids, no pets just me most of a 24 hour day. So not a good thing for me.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Yes, I have thought of that as far of my waiting till I can't stand it and then calling someone in. I don't think I would have someone come more than twice every month. She did a lot more than a regular cleaning this time. Honestly what she did in that time would have been an all day for me and I still might not get as much done as she did. She did come before she started to see what all I was asking for and didn't seem to have a problem with what I needed. Prices in different areas are so varied. I have a friend in a different area about 45 min drive that is probably paying half of what I am. I am having a large group here in mid Sept and I was thinking I might not have her back until closer to then. We are going to be away for 2 weeks in Aug. Not much reason to have her come right before we leave and when we get home we will be pretty busy with the garden so maybe a more regular cleaning then. We will be away for another 2 weeks in Oct so maybe I could have her come again in Nov. or Dec for another good cleaning before the holidays Then I should be OK till Spring. I guess I will just have to see how things work out, what I can do or not and how much $$ I am willing to put out for this.

Newark, DE

I still have not been able to connect with Ruby, but will keep trying. Sunday used to be her day to stay home from the store, so I will be sure to call her then, if we don't connect beforehand. I'll update y'all when I do.

Rosie, you're going to have to post a pic of that "Black stockings meadow rue". I never heard of it and am curious. Oh... and wanted to say I love your garment bag/wrapping paper storage idea. That sounds great. I bought an under the bed storage box made for that years ago I used in my apartment. I don't like stuff under my bed now in the house, but I still use it. I just have moved it to the basement on a shelf. I keep gift boxes and bows in a regular storage bin beside it. But; the garment bag idea is a good one!

Don't worry about your reading skills. Your example of her writing seems like simile/analogy run amok! When I see that and in such copious amount, I feel like the author is just trying to fill pages to sell more books. It gets on my nerves and I likely would never read it. I know those things are needed to ENRICH a story but you need a story first. So, no, it is not you. I agree with everything you said about both examples.

I know someone who has one of those robot cleaner thingies too and loves it. Too much money for me. I always wondered about durability but I have seen videos of not just cats but medium size dogs sitting on them as they run, so??? I keep hoping that as they are no longer a "new" thing they will get cheaper, so far..... not by much.

Holly, I agree with Rosie about your cleaning lady. It seems like she did do a lot and once things are caught up she can maintain easier. However, you might consider having her do the things that are hardest for you to do first. That way, if she is out of time and energy, then what is left are jobs you can accomplish, albeit slower. Like you said 4 days later, she's not coming and you look around and see it needs doing again. Let her do the deep cleaning hard to do stuff like the top of the shelves etc., and you just do maintaining. I think your planning on timing is a good one too. Why not have her come when it needs it and before company, as opposed to before leaving? Makes sense to me.

Books - well, with all that has been going on the last couple weeks, I haven't read anything but I just borrowed one from the library. Years ago (like middle 1960's) I read it and I heard someone FINALLY made it into a movie (sort of). SyFy is making a 3 night event out of it in December. It is "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke. If you like sci-fi, I am sure you too have read it. My thinking was it was so long ago, I want to re-read it before the TV miniseries. I figured others will think the same way as soon as word spreads so I don't want to wait. I checked the library and it was available. It's on now my tablet now and am taking it with me today while Dave is at the dentist.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I went this morning for my shot and talked to the Dr there. He asked if I had talked to my Orthopedist about surgery. I told him I have been giving it serious thought and he agrees with me that because my injury is very specific to one spot, that I have a good chance of getting this fixed with good results. I am going to make an appt with my Ortho guy and see about surgery this fall.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

No. I never heard of it but I will check it out.
Ikeeeeeeep waiting for The Ice People to go Kindle electronic.....so far nothing.

I am getting a the hang of Siddons style. Her descriptions are very rich -- ( loved her description of charleston at night in the 1920's.....I felt like I was there..

I think for me coming out of Zoo (which was an easy read) and with having no character names or relationships revealed...I got lost. Once I got used to the style - things got better.

Meadow Rue - Black stockings ( about 5' tall ) the flower heads will go fuzzy soon- sort of a muhley grass fuzzy look.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Great. I hope the result is good do you can get back to feeling good and doing your "stuff" at the speed you want to do it.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

We will see how it goes.
Talking about Meadow Rue, I just got a Miniature Meadow Rue. Such a cute little plant.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I will have to check it out. Maybe a more successful self seeder than mine is

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Did you find at a big box store?

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

No I ordered it on line along with several other minis. I had seen it at a garden tour and went looking for it.

Newark, DE

Good luck Holly with the surgery. My SIL had great success with hers. Dave still has problems and is limited in ability, BUT his neck and back surgery did improve him greatly. We are hoping that it continues to do so. Keep us posted and you know you'll be in or prayers.

Thanks for posting pics of the Meadow Rue, Rosie. That is a pretty plant. The blooms from the first pic, in thumbnail version, sort of remind me of an orchid. LOL Pretty!

Gonna post some pics I took of some bush/small tree I happened to see on my Dad's road. I stopped and took a couple pics and asked, but the only person home was the daughter and she didn't know the name. She thought it was "Hawaiian something" but wasn't sure. She said it blooms every year. These blooms were in either early June or late May. Do either of you know what it is?

Yeah, all of James Patterson's books are easy reads but are good stories. I think the short chapters and quick read is what has made him so popular to most people who are always on the go. Seldom do you see anyone reading "ginormous", or very in depth, books any more. A year or so ago while in the surgical waiting room for some family member I was reading a book about Quantum Physics. You should have seen the weird looks I got from people who read the title. It was funny. When reading one of Stephen King's 1200-1500 page books I more than not have someone tell me how they'd never finish it. Weird. The last one of his like that I read was "Under The Dome". People told me they'd watch the series when it started instead of read that big book. Funny thing is, the TV series' story is COMPLETELY different than the book. I think the only thing in common is the Dome and several characters - in name only.

Glad you got the hang up Siddons writing and you like it. I hate to think of you having to feel you need to finish another one like In the Fog!

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Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Pretty sure that is an Azalea, not the type that is evergreen the type that drop their leaves. There are some stunning colors in that type orange and yellows. All I can come up with is delicious but I know that isn't quite right.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I think Holly is correct. It looks like flame azaleas ..I have seen those here but less yellow more orange but same flower.

Newark, DE

Thanks girls! I never would have guessed that, since my Azalea looks nothing like it. I never knew there were different types of Azaleas!...colors?... sure; but I thought they were all the same. This one's blossoms looked similar to mine but were so much bigger and in "balls", plus about 12'-15' tall, sooo different. I will be the first to admit... I am a flower and garden idiot. Doh! ...But hey - always learning!!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I have not seen them that tall...maybe 5-6 feet...and not bushy like the more traditional... More slender.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

The photos show bushy but I think the wild road's edge I have seen are different looking from the commercially grown.

Newark, DE

It probably appears bushy because I was only taking pictures of the blossoms at my camera height. I should have back up a step or turned the lens to wide angle and shot the whole thing, but, yes it is that tall, I even double checked it yesterday when I passed by. It reaches the roof's edge if not a little higher. It is slender like a group of small saplings. It has lost all it's blooms and the leaves have filled in, so now it just looks like a small tree...sorta like a Rose of Sharon does, but not that bushy either.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Could it be a rhododendron they do get bigger than azeleas. I haven't seen Rhodies in those colors.

Newark, DE

I was going to check the height better yesterday rather than the glance I gave it before as I passed, but just as I got to the house there were some kids playing near the road so I kept my eyes on them. I'll check again next time I am by that house.

Rhododendron's do have a ball of blooms, but my thought was the individual blooms were smaller than these, but then again, it could be a different type of that too, maybe?

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

No, I meant the googled photos / images look bushy. Not your photos.
What I thought of as flame azealas here in my neck of the woods are exactly as you described... Slender saplings multiple coming from ground just not that tall. These are natives and wild.

Newark, DE

Oh...okay, my bad....I misunderstood what you meant. I'd say then, we have a "winner" and flame azaleas it is. LOL It sure was pretty in bloom. Thanks!

Been busy with Dad and everything he dreams up he wants done. I also got a little more done to the porch and would say I am 90% or more completed at this point. I am trying to attack a little at a time as I am able and between times I am trying to let me back recuperate &/or doing other stuff. I sure can't move as fast as I used to or work for as long. But hey, even with problems, I can still do something and I am grateful for that much.

The podiatrist said his toes were healing well and we go back again on Tuesday. I assume they will remove the stitches then. I am glad. With his diabetes, I feared he might lose them, but so far so good.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Glad for your dad and as counterintuitive as the statement may seem glad he has whatever qualities it takes to drum up things for you to do and the wherewithal to care that these things get done and the $$ for the projects ( even if the labor is free!! )

I know you sometimes are hanging on by your maimed little knees!! It is a wild ride.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Lovetopaint, You are such a great and caring person, doing for all that need you. I am sure you get pushed to your limits but you stand up to the challenges with a brave and loving soul.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Damn Debbie - you got you a fan club! 😊

Newark, DE

Gosh girls, now you have me blushing. I never said those things for praise, only as a matter of what I was up to, but thank you. No fan club needed, I just try to do the right thing. Lord knows I am far from perfect, but I try to do as we should.

You are right, I do get pushed to my limits physically and sometimes emotionally and mentally too. More times than not I am in tears before I stop for the day and yes my "maimed little knees" hurt a lot, especially the one with the torn ACL, but my back is the real killer.

I understand what you mean Rosie. I agree and am thankful he is still able to think clearly enough for all that and afford it. Of course, my free labor does help. LOL I was thinking the other day...I just wonder what a company would charge to come and clean, plus scrub the ciggy goo off everything from ceiling to floor on that big porch? Not cheap I am sure! Oh well, 2, maybe 3 more days and I should finish the porch. Hopefully he won't have a huge project ready for me to do after that....at least for a while. I am so tired.....

Hugs to you both and again, thank you.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Oh I know you weren't expecting praise, but you do deserve it.
I can't believe this but I am laid up again. I got my shot and was feeling just great. Got a lot of work done out in the gardens but I picked up something that was heavier than expected and it was all down hill from there. Even with taking the Tramadol I am barely walking. I have an appt with my chiropractor this afternoon, my Ortho guy tomorrow and going back for a second shot in about 2-3 weeks. Hopefully they will have me back in good shape for our trip to Alaska.
We ordered a new bed, I just love my old antique oak bed but it is time for us to move from a full size to a queen size bed. We are going to do a real good cleaning of our bedroom while we are switching out the old bed for the new bed. Well I guess I should say that Ric or my housecleaner Kathy are going to give it a real good cleaning as I won't be doing any of the work. Seriously this is just so frustrating.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Oh no. Maybe what you are feeling is garden work-related muscle ache and complaints from not having done it in a while. I realize you have real significant ortho issues but your body is still apt to behave normally and after a while of not doing things it is normal to be real real sore. Sometimes my first day of weeding after the winter, the legs truly kill me for 2-3 days.

I want to go to a king. If you have the physical space PLEASE consider going for the King. there is a real comfort difference. You got to replace the sheets anyway. Theonly thing holding me back is the cannonball bed ( I know...I know.... I am dating myself) It is just pine but even so, it is not easy to get quality made that is affordable. I have been wracking my brain thinking of ways to stretch it!!

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