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Louisa Plum variety

Papamoa, Tauranga, New Zealand

Having eaten the fruits of the LOUISA PLUM Tree over the last few seasons I was 'sold' on the variety. Fantastic fruit, and so juicy! It still seems to be a fairly rare plum tree variety to purchase but I did manage to obtain one during the winter of 2013. One of the attractions of the variety is that it appears to have been a 'chance' development in the Waikato region, not too far from my location on the East coast of the Bay of Plenty, and, like many Japanese varieties, is supposedly self-pollinating which, in a small, urban garden like mine, is quite important.

However, I am finding it very difficult to obtain detailed information with regards to this variety's general growing profile; like when it flowers, leaf-burst first or later, fruit-setting and expected picking/ripening period, etc. I did note somewhere that a particularly wet and early spring might inhibit blossom and fruit set some seasons but the detail on this was very sketchy and less than convincing because of the lack of actual data.

Can anyone provide directions to more detailed information about this plum variety and its habits and specifications?

RGF, Papamoa Beach, BOP, New Zealand.

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