OCTOBER time for 'mums and pumpkins!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Time for a new thread for October.
We came from here:

I will start off with some photos of the flowers that were blooming in our flowerbeds when we returned from our vacation this past week:

The mum in the first photo is always the largest and the first one to bloom. I pinched it way back until July but it is still falling over from the weight of the blooms.
The second photo is a close-up of the bean pod vine on our back fence. The hummingbirds love these blooms.
The third photo shows an impatiens which I did not plant this year. It must have come up voluntarily from seeds dropped from one of the plants last year.
The fourth photo shows more mums in our foundation bed against the house. They are just beginning to pop.
The fifth photo shows some petunias which I did plant this year and also another volunteer impatiens behind it.

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Ripley, MS

Marilyn, everything looks so pretty at your place.
Jerry's Mom is home but have to meet with home health care today to make sure we have her medicine changes figured out right.
I sure will miss seeing everyone at Kenny's today !

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I am missing everyone too!!! I hope Yall have a good time.

Well I gotta run to the park and then by Walmart. TTYL!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

I hope all goes well with Jerry's mom and the home health nurse is able to help ya'll get get her meds straight.

I talked to Kathy Ann on Facebook earlier this morning when they were on their way over to Jim's. I told them I hoped they all had a great time, which was really not necessary for me to say. I KNOW they will have a great time! LOL

Jeri, you are brave to go to Wal-Mart on a Saturday. Al and I were at Wal-Mart in Mountain Home, AR yesterday (it's the closest one to us) and I had forgotten how busy they are on a Friday afternoon.

I have two new hydrangeas which I planted after our front porch was completed in early June. When we got home, they were both blooming. One of them has blooms of different colors on it. I suppose they start out blue and turn the dark pink when they mature but they sure are pretty.
1. The name of it is "Nantucket Blue" (Hydrangea Macrophylla 'Grenan').
2. The nandinas I planted in front of the porch are turning their winter color. :)
3. My Hot Lips Salvia finally decided to grow and bloom. It was really late coming back this past spring. It is the only one of three that I had that surviived last winter.
4. I think Sandra gave me this blue salvia but I can't remember the name of it right off-hand.
5. The zinnias are really showing off.

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Marilyn, all your flowers and plants look so great, especially considering y'all were gone for 4 weeks. Funny about Hot Lips...mine has decided to bloom again too. It must not like very hot weather.

We're on vacation as most of you know and I hate missing the round-up. Hope everyone has a great time.

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Well, as usual, we had a best time today! Great friends, food and fun. However, we missed all of you terribly...yet talked badly behind your back ;-)) Of course, we brought back a truck load of plants and we did not even make a dent in the amount of plants that Kenny and Jim had potted-up for us.

Ripley, MS

Elaine, I saw a few of your pictures, looks like you are having a good time, beautiful scenery !

I worked all day getting things going around here with the medicine changes, diet changes too. I have tried to do her food low salt, but we have to do-NO salt now. She still has a good bit of fluid. Her home health nurse came today and double checked us on the medicine schedule. She has--breakfast meds, lunch meds, dinner meds,and bedtime meds now.

I sure missed everyone today at Kennys

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Your flowers are pretty Marilyn. All hydrangeas change colors as they mature. Some may not have as drastic a change as the blue one you have. When they change colors is when you want to cut them to dry. They are actually almost dry at that point and all you have to do is just stick them in a vase to finish drying. They will be totally dried in just a few days. I've been selling them in my antique booth. I took some down just to decorate with with and immediately they were calling from the mall as customers were wanting to know how much they were. So I started putting price tags on them and they've sold like hot cakes! I cut every bloom I could find that still looked pretty. Fortunately I have LOTS of hydrangea blooms. Couldn't believe how much money I've made on something that was just growing in the yard. As a matter of fact I've decided to grow very few vegetables in my garden next year. Instead I'm going to grow the big cockscomb, lavender and anything else I can think of I can dry and use in floral arrangements.

Sandra glad Mrs. Mills is back home. It sounds like it's going to be a job just keeping up with her medicine. My mother was on a no salt diet. She had been on one for at least ten years before she died. She didn't use salt on anything she cooked. When we ate at her house, we all had to add our own salt if we wanted it. But food never tastes as good when you add salt after it's been cooked.

We missed you all at the RU but we did have a great time. It was such a beautiful day. A perfect day to be outside. Jim's place is so peaceful and pretty. I love the seclusion of his place! I love an area that's totally enclosed like his. I've never seen so many banana plants as he had potted up for us!!! I said no more tropicals but I decided I had to try a banana plant. It's miniature one ....the only tropical plant I brought back!!!.....well I take that back I did also bring back a mojito EE.....so that's two!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Marilyn here are some examples of how my hydrangeas have changed.
The first one was a true old fashioned blue. It's losing it's blue and will eventually turn green. Next second picture is how the first one will eventually look (sorry about the blurry picture). The third is a pee gee hydrangea and it was pure white. It's turning a nice pinkest red. The fourth is a lace cap that was blue but has now turned pink. I cut some of the old fashioned blue ones when they were mature but before they starting changing colors. I had never dried the pee gee ones before but I cut all I could find that were in good condition and they dried beautifully also. I even cut some of the lace caps to dry for myself.

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Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Thanks, Charlotte. I really haven't had many hydrangeas in the past so I was not all that familiar with them changing colors and how to dry them. My mother had hydrangeas when I was growing up but I didn't pay that much attention to them back then. I just went out to look at mine again but I should have cut that one in the photo above on the day I took the photo, which was Sept. 30th. It has already started turning brown. I have a couple more coming on that will be ready to cut in a day or two and I am going to keep my eye on them. Next year, I will keep a better watch on them. :)

I have seen the photos that Kenny posted on Facebook of the RU. As usual, it looks as if you all had a great day of fellowship with one another!

Elaine, enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Marilyn it's really really late for hydrangeas to be blooming. I have one that has one or two really late blooms on it and they are very small....not the usual bloom.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Elaine I know you and Earl are ready to stay there in Utah. The scenery is spectacular!!!!

Marilyn you blooms are very pretty!!! Has your weather cooled off yet? I can't believe we're already in the months of October!!! Christmas will be here before you know it!!

Home health care was a really big help when my grandmother and mother got sick. I really relied on them but was right there too to make sure they got the care they needed. I hope Yall's will be as much help to Mrs. Mills and you!

I just saw some of the pictures of the RU on FB and everyone looks great!!! I really wanted to be there but my spirit was with Yall!!!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone!! I've been a little under the weather this week. I got up Monday morning and went to brush my teeth and my root canal fell out and went down the labatory! So I have been at the dentist for the last 3 days. They ended up having to pull 2 teeth and put in implants and build up my partial plant with more teeth. So now my mouth hurts and my checking account is really sad.

Mary still hasn't heard anything but we do go to the Dr. on the 16th.

It's October so it's time to put out your poppy seeds if you want those gorgeous blooms in the spring.

This is breast cancer month and anyone that hasn't had their annual mammogram, now is a great time to get that taken care of.

Hope Yall are gonna have a blessed day.

Ripley, MS

Sorry about your sore mouth Jeri, I can also sympathize with your checking account--LOL--mine is always sad !
Jerry's Mom is looking a little better now, her color looked so much better yesterday than it has been looking.
We also need the flu shot this month, I got the mammogram already.

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

So sorry about your sore mouth and sad checking account, Jeri! Hopefully, both will be in better shape soon! :)

Glad to hear that Mammaw Mills is looking better. Prayers for her continued improvement!

The weather here the last 3 days has been wonderful with highs in the mid-70's. We have a front coming through this afternoon that will be bringing rain with it for the next 3 plus days. The weather folk are saying that parts of central and southern Missouri can get anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of rain by Monday. The whole area is under a flash flood watch. No worries where we live as we are on top of a hill.

Did any of you get out to see the "blood moon" yesterday morning? We went out about 5:10 a.m. and watched the eclipse for about 20 minutes.

Al and I will be out in the yard today before the rain comes in to get some clean up done in the flower beds and around the yard.

You ladies have a good day!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I'll Amen both of those post ladies!!! It isn't too bad. My dentist gave me tylenol 3 and I can't take it so I took an Aleve and Zertec D last night but so far so good today. Eating isn't quite right but I'm sure it'll get better. My ear is what is most uncomfortable but I'm sure it's because there is some swelling. Dr. Kessler is gonna look at Mary and see if I can afford to do anything for her. She can't wear her bottom denture at all and it really bothers her!

Glad to hear Mrs. Mills is doing so well. That is how I really know how Mary is doing by checking to see if her color is right and it hasn't been wrong yet.

Marilyn, it was so foggy you couldn't see anything until around 10:00AM yesterday. My daughter got up and she said with the fog it was really eery.

Our rain isn't due in here until Mon. but I'm busy all weekend so I'm playing in the yard today too.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri I know your checking account is really sad! Sorry about your hurting mouth. I had an implant done at least 25 years ago and it was a real ordeal and very expensive. After I got past all the putting it in part it hasn't given me any problems. I couldn't even tell you which tooth it is. Hopefully they have improved on it over the years and yours want be too big of an ordeal.

I should put some poppy seed out!! I've got to get my mammogram scheduled. It's on my list but just haven't done it yet. Thanks for the reminder. I went to the cardiologist Tues for my yearly routine checkup. Everything is fine - no problems. I don't have any problem other than slightly high blood pressure and meds control it just fine. But since my mom's family all had heart problems I like to keep it checked.

Glad to hear Mrs. Mills is looking better Sandra. I know you have been busy looking after her. When does Kayla have her surgery?? It's soon isn't it.

I always wait until about Nov to get my flu shot. As I understand it the effectiveness wears off after a certain period of time and I like to wait until about Nov so it will last through the spring flue season.

Marilyn I forgot about the eclipse and missed it. I'm sure it was spectacular. We've had a lot of rain the last week. Sun night I managed to sleep through a terrible storm! I didn't go to sleep until about 1:30 and I guess I was so sound asleep when it came through around 3 I just slept through it. It rained really hard yesterday morning. I was on the way to church with my former neighbors I had picked up and it the bottom fell out and I could hardly see to drive. At one point we had small hail mixed with the rain! That was at 10:30 but when we came out at 1:00 pm the sun was shining. I believe rain is in the forecast again this weekend.

I should be in the yard but today I have other things I plan to do. I was so excited to realize I don't have anything I have to do today so I plan to make some pillows. Make some soap and do some cleaning around here. My soap has really taken off. I don't do anything but put it out for sale at the mall. But I now have a lot of repeat customers that have started buying in larger quantities. I sell some just about every day. The 25th of this month I'm going to set up at a church bazaar. Sounds similar to what you all are doing at your church Marilyn except they have booths (tables) they provide for a fee of $30. A member of the church buys my soap (I've never met her in person) and sent me an email inviting me to set up at the bazaar. So I agreed to do it since it is just for one day.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri hope they figure something out with Mary soon! Seems she spends so much time just waiting.

Hope your dentist can do something with Mary's dentures. When your mouth is wrong it just effects you all over.!

Ripley, MS

I really hate to tell you all what a bad person I have been, but I have not been staying with Mammaw this time. I stayed that one night at the hospital and when Glenda said they needed to discuss who was going to stay when, I just told her I couldn't stay at night this time. I have so many things I need to get done before I go to Cayla's and there is no way I could be counted on this time. I started mowing the yard today, got about a third of it done. Guess it will take 3 days again. I am still cooking food for all of us, Glenda has been with her since Sunday night. Cathy works but she stayed with her last Sat night. I have been trying to get some "extra cooking" done to put in the freezer for them while I am gone. I have a few things fixed, but now they don't match up with the salt free diet. We have been low salt for a long time, really every since she moved here 4 years ago, but now that she has congestive heart failure, even low salt is too much. I cooked all day yesterday, and mowed and cleaned up some outside today. Tomorrow I will have to cook again and I still need to finish the yard. The girls are on fall break after tomorrow and they are coming to stay until Tues.
Another reason I was afraid to stay at night with her is this, they are sleeping on the couch to help her get up in the night, her hospital bed is in the living room. My back has not been right for the last three weeks and I can't afford to injure it right now when Cayla needs me.
I will be going to her house on Sunday the 19th and her surgery is Tues the 21st. She has to go to the allergy doc on Monday so I am going on on Sunday to help out with everything getting her ready. I have no idea when I will get to come home.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra no way you are a bad person not spending the night with Mrs. Mills!!!!! You have been helping take care of her for the last 4 years and cook all her meals. You can only do so much. Others have some responsibility with her also. Like you said Cayla comes first right now. You need to keep yourself healthy so you can help her. No way I could get a good nights rest sleeping on a couch with one ear open for her. I don't have back problems and it would bother me. Don't beat yourself up!!!
Mother had congestive heart failure also. She was very frail but she was able to do her normal routine right up until the time she went into the hospital for the last time. Daddy had realized a couple of years before she died she needed help with lots of things. Mother loved to go to the grocery store and cook. She went twice a week for as long as I could remember. Daddy started going with her to the grocery store to push the cart and get whatever she wanted off the shelf. Of course he would bring them all in and help her put them away. I don't think he had ever gone to the grocery store before he started helping her with it!! After she died people kept telling me about how sweet it was to see him helping her at the store.
Cooking for Mrs. Mills creates a lot more work. You just about have to take a portion out for her before you finish seasoning it.
It want be long before you head to Cayla's. Be sure and keep us up to date while you are gone. I know you will have your hands full there.

Ripley, MS

Thanks for that Charlotte, I appreciate it. I don't know if she will ever be able to stay alone again, I hope so and they had a good day today. I feel a little bad but I can only stretch so far

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Sandra, don't you dare be so hard on yourself about not helping so much with Mrs Mills! I am quite sure the others will have to understand you must be in good health to help Cayla right now. And you are helping with her meals as much as you can, and have helped so much in the past. You can't be feeling guilty. Agree with Charlotte 100%. So glad she is doing a little better.

Jeri, so sorry you've been thru the implants lately and I know your checking account hurts too. My SIL had that done this summer and she said it was expensive. Her problem was degenerative jaw bones so she had to have a jawbone rebuilt first with a graft and then the implants. She said hers wasn't so painful but it was weird when she bit down on anything, she could tell it wasn't her real teeth. She still isn't used to it yet. I too hope Mary gets some sort of news soon. She does seem to have to wait a lot for results.

I'll be getting my yearly gun exam when I get home from vacation with mammogram soon afterward. Am running a 5k run for Breast cancer on the 18th. There is always a huge number for the 5k and also the 1mile fun run and the Survivor's Walk.

We were going to get up and watch the eclipse but the mountains of Zion hid the moon! We did see a little bit of the full moon here at Bryce early this morning. We have been both places 3 times but this is the most crowded we have ever seen it here. Hate to leave. Weather has been near perfect. Hiking at 9100 feet is HARD though!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Congestive heart failure is a tough problem. Mother had had two open heart surgeries. A quaduaduable (sp) by pass surgery when she was when she was 61 and a triple by pass when she was about 71. By pass surgery does not always last. Not at all uncommon to have to have more than one. She needed by pass surgery again before she died but because of the congestive heart failure and her fail condition in general they couldn't do surgery again. Mother was only 76 when she died and she was a fighter. She did everything the doctor told her to do. She walked faithful everyday even after she got so fail she could only walk down the block and back. She followed the diet the doctor put her on. No salt, no fried foods, etc. Took her meds religiously. Even with all that she would retain so much fluid that the skin on her legs would just break open and fluid would just ooze out of her legs!!!
All but one of mothers sisters and brother had heart problems as well as her mother and daddy. My brother also had heart problems. That's why I go to a cardiologist every year even through I don't have any heart problems. I had a stress test and the whole 9 yards last year so she didn't need to do it again this year.
If daddy had not been alive it would have been difficult for mother to have lived by herself the last year.

Elaine I envy your trip to Utah! You are going to the same place we went when I went with Jeff and Kristi and the kids. I like going to a city but I really prefer getting out into the country side and just being in nature. Utah was so beautiful and so peaceful! One of your pictures looks like the place in Bryce we rode horses down into the canyon. One night when we were in Bryce we built a fire in the fire pit at the house we were staying - turned out all the lights. There were no other houses around our house. Made smores and watched the stars!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Sandra, I totally agree with what Charlotte and Elaine have said. You need to take care of yourself so you can go and take care of Cayla! Cooking all day is no easy task and requires you to be on your feet a lot, which is probably hard on your back, too.

Elaine, I had no idea that you were at 9100 feet elevation. I would certainly imagine that hiking (or doing anything) at that elevation would be hard. The last time I was at a high elevation was in August 2008 when we went to Colorado for a friend's wedding. They got married on a bluff overlooking Silverthorn, CO. The elevation there is 8774 feet and we were up higher than the town of Silverthorne. I do remember that the air was thin and we were told to drink plenty of water so we wouldn't get dehydrated.

We had more than 1/2 inch of rain this afternoon and the weather folk are telling us that sometime around 3 a.m. another round of rain will be coming through our area. They are saying that some parts of southern Missouri will get as much as 5 or 6 inches of rain by Monday.

I got a lot accomplished in the flower bed today. Cut back a lot of the plants that were finished blooming for the season. The bumblebees were all over the Blue Sapphire salvia before it started raining today. I saw a Monarch butterfly and one other type of butterfly but I did not see any honey bees today. We usually have some honey bees collecting pollen from the various blooms. I also have some sedum that is still blooming and the gaillardia that Sandra gave me as well as the Shasta daisy, the zinnias and the Hot Lips salvia. I was delightfully surprised to find two blooms on a dahlia that I had bought back in the summer!
I hate to think that it will be several months before anything blooms again. :( I miss my flowers already and it isn't even winter yet!

Ripley, MS

I am the same way Marilyn, I miss them when they bloom out too !

Elaine you have posted some beautiful pictures of your trip.

Charlotte, I hope poor Mammaw doesn't get that bad. Jerry said she looked better tonight and was getting around better now too, praise The Lord !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sandra I hope she doesn't too!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Hello everyone! I have just "caught up" with everyone! Sandra, sorry to hear about Ms. Mills, but do not feel bad - you have done so very much for her - and are even continuing to do so by cooking her meals. It is time her own children step up and help you especially with Cayla needing you healthy to help her! I loved the little owl that you embroidered! I have actually been doing some hand embroidery for Jessica - an elaborate elephant that we are "converting" to hand embroidery..... I have really enjoyed it. I may let her take over and finish it though. She used to do hand embroidery with my Mom before she died and that was the last time she had done it. Mom died in 2002....... so I was showing her how to do it again so she could have a refresher and she ended up leaving the project with me because she was in the middle of Tiger Tunes and didn't have time to do anything but class work and Tunes practice. She also made a large portion of her groups costumes this year which took quite a bit of work. I have really enjoyed doing the hand embroidery and had forgotten how relaxing it could be..... the only problem is that my eye glasses seem to make me have to tilt my head to far downward and I end up with my neck stiffening up..... but I recently bought some hand embroidered kitchen towels for Kyle and Maddie that i hope to replicate (or at least something similar) for some other friends that we have that are getting married. Jessica said the hand embroidery is coming back in vogue in a big way - so Sandra your gift is right in style! And a great idea as well.

Tiger Tunes was wonderful and we really enjoyed the opportunity to hear Maddie sing - which we had never gotten to do before. If anyone is interested in watching tunes - here is the link http://vimeo.com/108367030 Jessica is a "ham" in the Campus Ministries Sandwiches..... and Madeline has long dark hair - the only female hostess that is really dark headed. The young man that she dances with most of the time is from here in Camden and is actually the grandson of the lady that Jess works for at Merle Norman, and the young man playing the piano in the second set is the young man who took Kyle and Maddie's engagement photos and will be taking the wedding photos as well.

Jessica did go to see the second endocrinologist - Dr Stringer in HS and he suggested starting her on a low dose of synthroid. He said his theory was that it wasn't IF she was going to end up on synthroid, but when..... and that he would like to have her more in the "high normal" range instead of "low normal" range so he has a better measurement of when her thyroid starts failing. He also believes it might help to prolong the thyroid activity a little by taking some of the stress off of it. He will check her again in 2 months. Jessica liked him much better and he was much more positive and encouraging and very laid back. This is the first week in the past 5 that I have not missed work because of either a dr appt for myself or one of the kids!! Kyle had an EGD last week in LR but they didn't find anything.....so he still doesn't know the source of his problem but at least it ruled out somethings that its not.

It has been crazy busy at home and at work. We have been dealing with training for a new software system the past 5 weeks - and we went "live" this past Monday. It is a total nightmare! Things that should take 5 minutes now take HOURS literally..... and even when we get to the point that it goes much faster, we still have to do things the old way too which will mean a bare minimum of double work and in reality probably more like triple to quadruple work. I have been working over most days and then go home so stressed out and exhausted I have trouble doing anything else. I need to do so much in my beds!! and I have several DLs and other things that need to be planted SOON - but I can't seem to find any time! The kids are home on fall break and they are working yesterday and today. Kyle is also working half day tomorrow and I think Jess and I may go somewhere tomorrow looking for my dress for the wedding. But, I have found some that I really like on line, so I may just order them and see how they do. I have to have a long one and it has to be grey or silver with 3/4 length sleeves if possible - talk about limiting possibilities!!!

Please say a little prayer for Jess as we are probably going to have to put her cat down today. I have been treating her with meds and babying her (even having to blend up her food for the past 2 weeks) because they are pretty sure she has cancer. They first thought it was just an infected tooth - but then decided there was also probably cancer in that jaw. I have just been getting her thru until Jess could be home to spend a little time with her and for us to put her down. Jessica is almost 21 and has had this cat since she was in Kindergarten so it is going to be very hard on her. She gets so very attached to her pets and she doesn't really remember much of life before Kibby -

I hate that I missed the RU - sure hope I can make the next one because I am ready to see everyone! I have missed being on line and keeping up and am glad to be caught up on everyone! Hope everyone has a great day! I have to get back at this program......

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Just stopping in to check on everyone. Hope everyone is ok now. I had a wonderful visit with Mary and Jeri today. Lots of talking and catching up. Time was way too short. They look great even though Jeri was still dealing with a bad mouth.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Good to see you posting Cindy! Jeri and Mary do look really great! Thanks for the picture. Mary looks like she has lost weight. She really looks good to have so many health problems.
It's been a rainy overcast weekend. We should be starting winter with the plants and trees well watered.

I can't believe the year is almost gone!!! I need to get the pond covered before I get too many leaves in it. Soon be time to bring plants in. I should start doing that a little at a time so it's not too big a chore at one time. I've really cut back on tropicals that I take in. Lot of the stuff I told they were going to have to live or die it was up to them decided they would live!! My fire spike even came back. It was very late coming back and is just now starting to bloom but at least it made it.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

We're home and had a wonderful time with a very short visit with Cindy. Of course, there is never enough time with this group when we all get together from what I've seen. My friends daughter had a beautiful wedding at The Bridge Community Church in Ruston. It was spectacular and then the reception was at the club house for the sub. that backed up to the church. They had a part at the end of the wedding that I would like to share with Yall. It meant so much to me and I think Yall will like this part also. They met at the nursery that Bolton's parents own when Lauren went to work there part time while in school so instead of the tradition of having a candle stand with 2 candles that each person lights one and then they take the 2 candles and light a much larger candle. I've always loved this part of the ceremony but Lauren & Bolten had a 5 ft. Magnolia tree in a pot and they each added some soil from their family's home and then a pot of dirt from their new yard where they are gonna plant the magnolia.

I agree Charlotte!!! Winter has come way too fast this year.

Ripley, MS

That does sound precious, to us gardeners ! What a beautiful thing to do.
So where is Cindy's picture ???? Jeri, both of you do look great ! I know your sore mouth made not so nice a time, but glad y'all got to go.

Charlotte looks like bad weather over you right now, it is coming our way this afternoon. I have to take Charity and Faith to Olive Branch at 6 tonight. Faith has swim practice so they will not get to stay through tomorrow. Cayla is on her way to Memphis for her pre op work today.

My plants will all live or die this year I guess, I put my Hilo bold and pineapple princess and waffle plant pots right in front of the front porch and asked Jerry if he would put them under the porch if a freeze threatened. He will have enough to do without worrying about watering plants.
He stayed Sat night and all day yesterday with his Mom. Glenda got back just in time for him to shower and go to church last night.
The countdown is on to go to Cayla's---

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I thought that was a really sweet thing do for a wedding! Like Sandra said particularly for gardeners.
It rained here all night and is still raining this morning. There were some tornado watches for some parts of the state during the night. There were two alerts on my phone when I looked at it this morning. I subscribe to a bad weather alert from one of our TV stations. It can scare you to death sometimes as I forget about it. When I'm driving in the car and it goes off I always forget and start wondering what in the world is going on. Loud loud noise!!!

I have a large tub I had carried some plants in sitting on the patio and it is now 3/4 full of rain water.

Sandra you and Jerry are going to barely see each other for a while! Praying that all goes well with Cayla's surgery. Keep us up to date. Take care of yourself too!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Praying you are all safe today. We had tornados touch down all around us.jeri I showed you how close the mill was they had most of their trailers in the yard destroyed. Nearly everyone lost roofs. I hear Walmart was severely damaged . That is right up the road. All of our local tv stations were hit hard and are off the air. 18 wheelers were turned ove really bad on Thomas rd where the Walmart is . We we ther eating near it yesterday Jeri. We were blessed only lost power as far as I can judge. Our generator kicked on so we are good. I have 2 of the grandkids today. Still under a watch until 2 pm

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Glad you are safe Cindy! Your generator really comes in handy. You must have had some really strong wind. It was on the news today that something touched down not far from Texarkana and one man was killed. I just saw where a relative from Farmerville posted their power is out and Energy said it may not be back on until the 15th.
It's still overcast here and drizzling but the bad stuff seems to have passed over us.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Oh my goodness, Cindy that was really scary, I'm sure!!! Were the kids scared? TG Yall are safe and TG for that generator!!! Governor Jindall has declared a state of emergency for the entire state!! It's pouring here now and the wind was about to blow me over earlier!!!

Mary & I went to Belk's and I bought my entire wardrobe and luggage for my trip next month. It's the grand opening of our new mall and I'm in real trouble b/c I loved everything. LOL!!!

Charlotte we stayed at the Day's Inn on the Farmerville Hwy & I-20. The church was just a few blocks from there and the reception hall also. Bolton's family owns Twin Pines Nursery there somewhere. I told Mary I thought your family was from up that way. It is really beautiful country from what I could see.

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Glad to see y'all are safe!

Ripley, MS

I think the threat is over here as the temps true has dropped to 68 now, just thunderstorms now. The swimming practice was canceled, so still have Charity and Faith til tomorrow .

Glad you are ok, Cindy

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Jeri both my mother's and daddy's families were from Union Parish. Both families settled there around 1845 or 50 and some are still there today. My dad's parents moved to Farmerville when I was around 4. It's the only place I really remember them living. Most of dad's brothers and sisters lived there too. I still have cousins in Monroe, Shreveport and Farmerville. My mother's sister moved back to the old family place when her kids were in junior high. They sent all three of the kids to private school in Ruston - Cedar Creek. Most of my cousins have either gone to Cedar Creek in Ruston or are sending their kids there. All my cousins sound just like Cindy.

I don't know if it's the same nursery as the one your talking about but I worked in the Ruston, Monroe, South Arkansas area for several months just before my dad died. The day he died I was in Ruston. I had stopped at a nursery during lunch and bought 2 gardenias, and two shrubs. I remember it all exactly because I had the plants in my car when my brother called to tell me he had found him dead at home in the bed. Those plants have grown like crazy.

It's started back raining here. No bad weather just lots of rain.

My cousin in Farmerville said she was in Monroe when the bad weather hit. She said it took her one hour to drive 4 miles to get to the highway to take her back to Farmerville. She showed pictures on FB of all the down trees, powerlines, etc. She said it was a mess!

Jeri where are you going next month. I don't remember you saying anything about going anywhere.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

That is the kinda story Charlotte, that a gardener loves to hear that a loved one have been memorialized with the planting of a tree or bush. What year did your dad pass? Bolton told me they had owned the nursery his entire life and they are maybe 22 or 23. My GF planted a tree when each of her 3 children were born. She doesn't live there anymore but the trees are growing in leaps & bounds.

I'm going to NY with Ashley's dance group for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We leave Nov. 22-28. This southern girl does not own enough cold weather clothes. LOL!!! I met this lady while standing in line at Belk's and her son lives there and she advised me to get some gloves, scarf and hat that covers the ears. I don't think I thought this trip through before agreeing. I'm praying for unusually warm weather. I even had to buy luggage b/c we always travel in the motorhome and I just load it out. When we got back from Hawaii our luggage went straight to the dumpster and it was new before the trip.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I remember about the New York trip! Just slipped my mind as it's been a while ago that you told us you were going. Yes you definitely need gloves, scarf and a hat that covers the ears. Seems that tall buildings just create wind tunnels!

My dad died in 2003. Don't know if I was clear but I didn't have any idea that he had died when I bought the plants. I was intending to spend several night with him. I never told him I was coming until the day I came. I started calling to tell him that I would be there before dinner. Never could get him. I called my brother to see if he knew where he was. He finally went over and discovered he had died during the night. He was very healthy and had not been sick so it was a real shock. He had an arrhythmia. We had an autopsy to find out what in the world had happened. While I didn't buy the plants to commemorate his death because I didn't know he had died when I bought them. They have been just that - I actually bought them on the day he died. The nursery I bought them at was fairly close to the downtown area.

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