Does anyone grow crinum in containers and get blooms?????

Pittsburgh, PA

I have a bunch of crinum growing in pots , for about 4 years, and I would love to have one bloom!!! They grow outside in the summer. I bring them into my basement where I have a bunch of fluorescent lights. They usually start to die back because the basement temperature is about 65, and I don't think they like that????? I am able to keep them in the warmer part of my house, if that would work...

I live in Pittsburgh, and I have no idea what to do. I would appreciate any information that crinum growers might have.

Orangeburg, SC

I grow some of my crinums in pots, but as I live in a warmer zone, I'm able to leave my pot outdoors year round. What size are your bulbs? Crinum bulbs have to be really large, about baseball size before they will bloom. I'd don't think that you're doing anything wrong, although you didn't mention anything about feeding them. If you haven't been doing that regularly, start when you place your pots outdoors in the spring. Otherwise, keep doing what you are doing. Maybe 2015 will be the year that they start to bloom. If I can locate it, I will provide you with a link with great info on growing crinums in pots. I know I have a great article in a magazine. If I can locate it, I can send you a copy of it. Send me a T-mail if you're interested.

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