Planthopper Addition

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

I attempted to add a Planthopper, Apache degeeri, but apparently the Family, Derbidae , does not exist. Help needed.

Thumbnail by C_A_Ivy
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

Derbidae dies exist, but in the order Homoptera, rather than Hemiptera. At the time we set up BugFiles, the Hemiptera order had been divided into two. More recently Hemiptera and Homoptera have been reunited, but the task of transferring all Homoptera to Hemiptera is a big one and for the present we are continuing with the two Orders. Enter your Derbid bug in the Order Homoptera, family Derbidae, and you will have no problem,


Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Ken
I understand but my memory is short. I think this was probably a rerun question so I need to keep a record of the answer where I can readily find it if I need it again.

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