Design challenge: Zone 7a, Slope, Front of house, poor soil

Riverhead, NY

The images feature the front, street-side, of the house I moved into.

The exposure is chiefly south-west. More western on the end away from my driveway and more southern closer up. The pitch is 40-degrees on the more western side and 55-degrees toward the southern exposure. The soil is mixed sand with some dead tree roots, all dense. That is, no rich, happy earthworm, stuff. Water runs down the face of the slope with little absorption.

Past attempts included grass: burned barren in last July, August, and Pachysandra which tried to hang on. Some weeds, as you see, did survive. Object is to create a slope with year-round interest and variation. Limitations include pastor's budget, although it's a generous one when it comes to the garden.

On the bright side, soil (dirt really) can be (and was) enhanced with other soil from the property where leaves were tossed for seasons which has made for a decent mix with store-purchased enriched goodness. However, the integrity of the slope has to be maintained to prevent fast erosion.

Ready, GO.

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