Fraud Report

Missouri City, TX

Well it finally happened - got a letter from Verizon thanking me for the cell phone order.

I am not a Verizon customer. Called the "800" number and spent the better part of an hour in automated phone h-e-double hockey sticks, finally got a human and explained the issue. He said that would ne handled by their Fraud Department and he would transfer me to them. Oh, Boy!! Here we go again - automated voice telling me how important the call is to them. After another quarter hour the automated voice has a new message - " Call volume is so high we cannot answer your call at this time - fIll out a fraud report form and we will get back with you within 24 hours."

Now how does one fill out a fraud form on the phone??

Called our provider, got a human - yippie! - and she was truly concerned. even went through the automated voice process with me and was surprised when she heard the "we're too busy" message, but there was a followup message saying that there would be an attendant shortly. She advised be to hang on.

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