moving away from Belleville NJ: free plants to good home

belleville, NJ(Zone 6a)

Hi y'all!

Long time no see!
I have been living in Belleville NJ for about 4 years - most of my DG time was before that, when i was in CT.

But i have been in Los Angeles for most of the last year, and this week, we are clearing out our NJ apt to make the move permanent.
The main thing i will miss is my garden. I plan to dig and divide some things Tuesday afternoon, and i'll take some with me - but i'd love to share some with people who will care for them - the other folks here will neglect everything.

I have several daylilies:
Pink Damask (very pale pink)
Sunset Returns/Happy Returns - they are mixed up and mine look pretty much the same anyway, Sunset is like 10% more orange
Purple Ruffles
a huge NOID white one

a big NOID yellow iris
the skinny kind of white iris
(both may have come from Pixie like 6 years ago)

sea holly
various dianthus
heuchera: silver scroll and palace purple (?)

But i don't have much time for packing/shipping, so it would be AWESOME if anyone around here is able to pick them up between Tues evening and when we leave Thursday morning.

If anyone can help me out, i would be grateful!

(sorry for the quality of the last 2 pix)

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belleville, NJ(Zone 6a)

i may still have a lot of used containers (plastic and metal mostly, 3" - 12" and window boxes, some decorative 12" wire fencing, single loop plant supports, and a tomato cage.
And an unopened bag of topsoil.
Was trying to give things away on Freecycle, but it is turning out to be so complicated.

Thumbnail by amethystsm Thumbnail by amethystsm
belleville, NJ(Zone 6a)

If anyone is able to help me out by taking anything, please let me know!

Natick, MA

I'm not local to where you are (I'm in Mass.), but if you want to ship, I'll gladly pay shipping cost for your daylilies, iris, dianthus.sea holly .and heuchera (my preferences being in that order)
Just drop me a D mail.

Natick, MA

PS Your photos are beautiful!

Thomaston, CT

Hey, Amy happy to hear from you! I'd love the iris, but cannot get to Jersey.......go on the site "All things plants" Northeast Gardening, & you'll find some Jersey folks from a few years back.....Good luck with the move!

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