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Summerville, SC

Can anyone tell me if this is a normal or diseased bulb? I have read about the different diseases and I seem to be more alert as my winter amaryllis bulbs arrive. It is difficult to match the descriptions in books to the actual bulb.

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East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I think they call it rust and in the past I've just peeled off the worst layers. I don't think any of mine have died from it or has resulted in deformed bulbs or anything like that.

Summerville, SC

That is VERY good news! I will get planting on my first set of 2014-15 winter amaryllis then! Wishing you the best with your planting! Are you an amaryllis collector of sorts? Are you an outside garden, outside pots, or inside forcer of amaryllis?
Peace, gardenspot107

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I force 1-2 during holidays and then plant outdoors. Most bloom reliably each year but a few do not. I haven't been curious enough to dig around the non-returning bulbs to see if rotted, or inert.

Compulsive person that I am, I could hv been described as a collector but as time went by, I got bored with new cultivars that looked like last year's cultivar ( yawn) so I stopped getting new ones. I am not above checking the bargain bin at the box stores, a clump of Red Lions or Minervas is beautiful, no matter how common.

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Summerville, SC

Yes, winter color is a good thing, common or not!
I hope the "Best Seller" is as gorgeous this year as last...bought a new bulb!
I have to be sure I will get the winter joy of the amaryllis in the winter! Knowing how much of this rust is acceptable and safe are 2 different things. I will be reviewing the amaryllis books [2] and be sure I don't have anything that will spread! Happy Fall!

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

I don't know about spreading to other bulbs but if you have a long rainy spell, they may develop rust in bulbs and/or foliage. I don't bother with bulb but remove affected foliage after rainy period. If I overlook, the foliage typically dries off anyway and new emerges. More of an annoyance factor than anything else. A decent fertilization program is prob enough for plant to fight the fight on its own

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