Interest in Hostas waning?

Wyoming, MN

There hasn't been a whole lot of posting here or on ATP this year. There are so many hostas now that I am wondering if there is really anything new? I thought Terra Nova was working on some with red leaves but have not seen any new info on them in a couple years now. My own gardens are pretty full so have to be pretty selective in what I buy.

I have s good selection of streakers which have been the rage for a while, but they have become pretty common.

What is going on in your Hosta World?

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I've been so busy with family medical issues that my gardens were sorely neglected the past year or two. But I love hostas.

These are the most recent photos of any of mine that I can find. At least from this year. I don't have much to add to the conversation at the moment but still here and still love hostas.

Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener
Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Found another one ...

Thumbnail by Cville_Gardener
Natick, MA

I, too, enjoy Hostas and the varieties so that there's a "mix" in my yard. I honestly didnt realize there were THAT many hostas til the past year when I got on DG and I especially when I went looking for a white blooming hosta! I only have purple-flowering ones so thought it'd be ynice to add a white flowering one to my garden.

Hubby cut down a tree in the backyard that opened up a good portion of the shady garden area so it's now sunny, so less hostas in my back yard.
Can you tell i'm pretty much a newbie!? :o)

C-ville: Lovely selection of Hostas!

Wyoming, MN

I was dissappointed in the hosta selections locally this year. There did not apear to be any that were new or different. Many "newer" intros did not stand out as being something new and interesting.

I enjoy my hosta collection and always check out what local nurseries and garden centers have to offer.

Natick, MA

I haveI haven't really been looking for hostas this year, as I was digging up grass to make (mostly sunny) perennial gardens, but I DID see Stain Glass Hosta at the local nursery and was really taken with it....didnt buy it, and when I went back, it was all gone. Dont know if that's a newer variety, but I had never seen it (and esp'lly in person)

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I haven't seen anything new at my closest garden center either.

'Stained Glass' is very attractive.

Going back to the mention of "red" hostas, is that leaf color, petiole color, a combination of both, or something else?

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Otway, OH(Zone 6b)

I also love my hosta and hope to add more next year. We also have had health issues in my family starting on September 16th when my Dad broke his hip and things have not slowed down since. Mine are starting to die back and they are calling for a low of 29 for Friday night so will end the growing season here.

Cville_Gardener, see you have a UK sign, love my wildcats and I am from Ohio.


Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

It was in the 40s here last night. We usually have our first hard frost by now but it may be November before we get it this year.

Kathy, I'm so ready for basketball season. I was born and raised in KY and my grandfather, father and uncle all graduated from UK. :)

Wyoming, MN

The Leaves were supposed to be red. The word was that they were attempting to make them sterile before they went to market. This was at least two years ago now.

Natick, MA

I think red-leaved hostas would be very alluring for the garden....and look almost "tropical" -- the red would brighten up the shade!

Kat - sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he recuperating well. Sounds like you've had a tough fall. They are predicting 27 degrees Sunday and chance of snow here. That will make winter more of a "reality" along with daylight savings time (and getting dark so early at night!)

Otway, OH(Zone 6b)

I'm ready for basketball also, watched the blue/white game the other night.

valal, my Dad is doing better, he is staying with my sister as his bedroom at home is upstairs and he thinks that he is ready to go up and down them. At least he thought that until he came to my house today and only had 2 steps to get into my kitchen and then he knew that it was still going to take awhile. I am glad that he found that out and now is in no hurry to go home. He is being really spoiled.
Calling for a low of 29 Saturday night and coating of snow on the grass. Hope that is all as my younger daughter and myself are supposed to give blood Saturday morning and then birthday shop for my grand daughter Saturday afternoon.

Hope that everyone has had a great day.


Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I agree about the red hostas. I would buy them.

Falls can be so dangerous as we age.

Raining, damp and cold here now. Down below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. Guess that will finally make it seem like Fall ... or maybe more like winter. Looks like we're going to get that first hard frost or freeze in just by the end of October this year. Last winter was very warm.

Got to scurry around and move a few more plants inside.

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

I post almost exclusively on GardenWeb and the Hallson forums these days. There's just no one here on DG anymore. I'm also getting out of plant trading, so I likely won't renew my DG membership in the spring. But my interest in hostas is still going strong :) Am up to nearly 200 now but am also buying more companion plants and spending more time on beds as a whole. I worked almost every day in the garden until mid October and got a lot done this year. I also took even more pics plus have been uploading both new and old hosta pics to Flickr then organizing everything. I really prefer it to Photobucket and TinyPic.

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Haven't bought any this year due to finances but I still love them!

Wyoming, MN

Yes posting on both DG and ATP in the hosta forums was very minimal this year. I still enjoy my hostas but have curtailed the aquisition part. With Q&Z going out of business I wonder who will continue to produce and distribute newer hostas. I have been working on the sunnier side of my lot the past 2 years. Have developed a fondness for tall garden phlox. My efforts were rewarded when several people stopped me while working outdoors and commented on how beautiful the floweres were.

A neighbor stopped by with her son and commented that her husband had said(while they were sitting on their deck one evening) that they should go sit in front of Gary's house because he has the most beautiful flowers, LOL that made my day.

Natick, MA

Glad yr dad is trying but also willing to accept his limitations til he is really's so hard for them, and of course he is so lucky to have you and yr sister to care for him!

Sounds like winter is showing its face early....predicted snow Sun. For us as well but changed their mind as it got closer.

Have been on gardenweb, and prefer DG, but not for hostages in particular....maybe I just don't know my way around there, have found here here people answer faster and such.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Like Eleven, I'm posting elsewhere. For me it's Hallson and Facebook. I think the majority have gravitated over to FB as even the Hallson forum is very quiet these days as is the All Things Plants. I AM still here, but am thinking seriously about next July when my membership becomes due. Am wondering long term about this site as the number of paid subscribers dropped 25% in the last year and is now under 3000. I've been tracking it for awhile and it typically drops around 20 people each week.

But for those I don't know, I have about 200 varieties as well and my garden is pretty full. That means I'm getting very selective about the new ones I acquire.

For those who'd like to take a look, I've been tracking my hostas on SmugMug since 2008 with annual pics and comments about their progress or lack thereof. You'll find those 16, mostly alphabetical, galleries starting at:

I still like to talk hostas, but just forget to stop by here because there's so little action.


Wyoming, MN

I have not joined ATP but it seems to me that there is not much posting going on over there in the Hostas forum either. Newer forms of social media seem to come and go in popularity. It seems to me that if one really needs info on a particular plant or type of plant it is easily found on the web. However I enjoy the forum format because there are others here who are as intrigued by plants as I am.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Yes, often fairly quiet. I hope things will pick up here.

Otway, OH(Zone 6b)

I only have about 20 hostas but plan on adding more to my shade this coming spring. Kathy

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I'm going to add more as soon I can. I only have about a half dozen varieties due to lack of more shady spots to plant them.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Cville_Gardener - do you have spots on the east side of your house or other spots that get morning sun only? You may well be able to grow hostas in such spots. It's a real myth that hostas prefer shade. Most varieties will take quite a bit of sun, but they don't like hot afternoon sun. Of course, you zone is a lot warmer than mine; so YMMV.

Otway, OH(Zone 6b)

I separated 2 of mine and put on the back side of the trailer and they done good all summer. I have a wooded area that I am filling in with shade plants. Kathy

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I have trees and shrubs (that were here originally) all around the house and in some places the roots are just about impenetrable. Well, I love my trees but I love hostas and other things as as well. I have a lot of sun loving plants. :) If I can ever find the time, I may try planting them in pots with no bottoms that sit on the ground or mounding soil, if that makes sense.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Cville_Gardener - Why try to use pots with no bottoms? Tree roots, given enough time, will move up into those pots. I'd just grow your hostas in pots that are set at the base of the trees. Your zone is warm enough that you should have pretty good success overwintering the plants in pots, especially if you can find a shed or garage in which to store them. There have been lots of people here who have all their hostas in pots. I'm starting to grow some in pots set into a garden under my maple tree as well. But in my zone, I have best success over the winter if I dig them into my veggie garden.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Someone suggested that the roots of the hostas would move down into the ground so I guess it works both ways. No shed or garage for storage. Or plant them in a bag of soil or good quality mulch on the ground.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I might be interested.

Natick, MA


Do i understand these are plugs you bought or you are considering a new purchase of plugs?
I might be interested as well, depending on varieties. How many would one have to purchase? I'm guessing that depends on participants and varieties wanted?

More info please :0)

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

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Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

I might be interested depending on the varieties.


Eden, NY(Zone 5a)

I'm interested in the plugs.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)


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Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

I am getting 2 plugs of each of these and the cost is only 70.00 including postage. Whaaaahooo! I figured I could add to a new bed that we started over the last couple of years already planted with Japanese Maples, Viburnums, some small conifers, a Stewartia and a and spring bulbs. The new bed is an oblong island bed that is surrounding the old bench in these photo's. The new bed will run parallel to an existing bed with many Japanese maples, hosta and other goodies. Can't wait to receive these choice Hosta from Bleek (Touch of Nature)

Hosta Candy Cane Jessie's bed
Hosta Earth Angel Jessie's bed
Hosta Faithful Heart Jessie's bed
Hosta Foxfire Green Lantern Jessie's bed
Hosta Glad Tidings Old beach plum bed
Hosta Lakeside Dimpled Darling Jessie's bed
Hosta Millennium Jessie's bed
Hosta Peppermint Ice Jessie's bed
Hosta Radiant Star Jessie's bed
Hosta Winter Snow Old beach plum bed

Thumbnail by bbrookrd Thumbnail by bbrookrd Thumbnail by bbrookrd
Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

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Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)

I want to thank the following gardeners and Hosta Lovers for participating




Christine S

Christine C





There is more to go around

Thumbnail by bleek
Eden, NY(Zone 5a)

I can't wait to receive the hosta. I just wonder where I'm going to put them. The problems hosta lovers face.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Thank You Bleek! I'm like Jennifer and excited to recieve my order. I also have no idea where mine will go. Good thing is we have time to find them the perfect spots.

Lawrenceville, GA(Zone 7a)


Another good reason to leave them in pots, so you can "play with them" moving them around.

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