New to SW PA - want to plant berries...

Elgin, TX(Zone 8b)

Is this an acceptable time to plant them?

I have been gardening in Austin, Tx the past 25 years. This region is a whole new challenge.
Suggestions? Any help, opinions, advice is welcome.

Next will be trees and other garden items.
Feel free to point me to other sub-forums.


Natick, MA

Welcome grace!
not knowledgeable about berries but wanted to say hi.....yes TX to PA is quite a change!
I know it's a good time for tree/shrub planting but don't know about fruit bushes
I'm sure someone will chime in soon

Thomaston, CT

I would plant berries in the spring.....not sure of the zone where you are now, but it's probably higher than here.......The only thing I plant this late are peonies, roses, & bulbs.

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