Purification system worm...vermicompost iranian

tehran, Iran

Purification system worm...
More Srndhay great disadvantage in the market early damage and rust and corrosion and other problems Srndhay they found the problem in 30% humidity and clogging the pores that causes loss of less efficient Kormi device.
The efforts of community members led to a product called Slyvm inventions that are unparalleled in the world and consists of a metal alloy that is covered by a layer of micron to nano technology
It does not rust and will not deteriorate and is hydrophobic and self-cleaning
The high moisture content of 50% vermicompost and minimal stress to separate the worms enter the

http://www.uthd.blogfa.com/ ورمی کمپوست
http://www.uthd.blogfa.com/cat-11.aspx vermicompost

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