What was your spark?

(Zone 4b)

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Clearly those who subscribe to DG are very much avid gardeners.

I am always curious (nosey?) as to when and more interesting to me, the catalyst that made you so passionate about perennial gardening.

For me, visiting a relative of my partner about 7 years ago (during the summer), I was bowled over by the perennial garden she had created in her zone 3 climate. Her enthusiasm about such things was infectious and upon our return to our balmy zone 5 I proceeded to remove several huge weedy skyrocket junipers and the following season we planted our *first* perennial. I have been gardening obsessed since that time.

What about you?

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Lee Bailey's "Country Flowers" did it for me over 25 years ago before perennials were a big thing (at least in the south). I had to order from catalogs and endure puny, overpriced, often dead plants before our nurseries made the switch to long lasting perennials instead of annuals.

Natick, MA

Flowers feed our soul.....And I love being able to have/see flowers in my garden, and all the better if I can have bouquets to take to work and enjoy on my desk during the week. (Is that too vague!?) I have always loved flowers, having a new (and mostly sunny canvas) in a newer house gave me the incentive I needed to get going again.

Frisco, TX(Zone 8a)

I helped my son with a native plant project when he was in school years ago. We visited many places we had not been to before and after struggling for years I discovered plants that would grow for me. After growing them successfully for a few years it gave me the confidence to try other things.

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