seeds or cuttings wanted

Center, TX

Hi, I am looking for seeds or cuttings for solid white rose of sharons. I will pay postage in advance. Thanks, Alda

Center, TX

Hi again, I did not get any response to my post so I am still looking for solid white, double or single, seeds or cuttings for rose of Sharon or hardy hibiscus. Thanks, Alda

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Hi, Pose your question in PLANT AND SEED TRADING to get a response.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Alda, I will look for white the next time I see blooms which will be awhile. We have them come up in ditches around here.

Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

Hi Alday, will you like some seeds from white dinner plate hibiscus?Send me a Dmail if you do.

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