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I am pretty sure this is a bromalaid of some sort. It has very rough edges on each leaf and spots. The bloom is a bright pink with bluish tips, very pretty. Thanks

Thumbnail by sprouts28

Billbergia nutans

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

OH Thanks to sprouts28 made this photo that what, I has been wondering what is the real name of this plants, I have huge big full of it the pot so pack and thanks again this plant from my sister in law gave me been had it for three years so happy to know what really name of this. So want to ask u first can I- save as Picture- so, I can show some of them what I have this kind of this plants if is that ok with you sprouts28? Let me know ok. Yes it is really sure so pretty.
Thank You Baa to give these name of the plant.

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Sure you can redrose if you want I can try and get a better picture. Thanks so much Baa but are there many types of the queens tear I have another one that I recieved and was told thats what it was called but doesnt look like this one.

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I wouldn't know what anyone meant if they asked me what a Queen's Tear was. What you definitly have is a Billbergia LOL as to the species, to me it looks as close to my Billbergia nutans as you can get hence the identification.

Ok thank so much again.

You're Welcome Sprouts

If you do find its another species of Billbergia please let me know :)

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

Glad to know the latin name, I have this plant also and all I knew was "Queen's Tears" bromeliad....Multiplies like crazy..

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