Anyone have experience using those hanging grow bags?

Natick, MA

Probably not the correct" place to post this, but seemed most appropriate to get input from all you experienced growers! I have garden beds we created this last year, but want to grow morning glories and moon vines (both annuals) as well as possible plant extras of other plants I'm winter sowing....I was looking at a few websites and then found these on amazon also, which seems the best price for a dozen

Has anyone had experience growing in these?

I thought i could hang the bags on my back house wall (outside) and/or on the deck surround/fence to add flowers were I'd not have them otherwise unless I use planter pots (I use some already).

Thoughts? Experience?
Thanks in advance!

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Yes, I've used grow bags. They are okay but once the roots fill the bag, they need a lot of watering (if your climate is warm or hot in the summer).

Natick, MA

Thanks, Cville!

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