PERENNIALS from ADR, local pick-up in SPRING

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Heya! I just heard from Chris at ADR, and although they're not doing a free shipping promotion for spring, he's offering us free shipping -- just because I asked nicely? :-)

So, here's the set-up for this group buy.

Vendor: ADR, their perennial page is here:
We've worked with them a number of times, getting very nice bulbs & plants at unbeatable prices (they're a wholesaler). There always seems to be a confusion or two around delivery time, but they try hard to make us happy, and we've always ended up very pleased.

Ordering: Please order ON THIS THREAD by midnight January 7. We need to get our order in the first week of January in order to get free shipping. We might be able to place an additional order later on, but we might have to pay shipping on later additions.

ADR is a wholesale supplier, so they sell in larger amounts. As a group, we'll have to order by the bag or box, which might be 25 of a given variety of phlox for example. If we get close to the number, I'll probably order that plant. If we go slightly over the number, I'll juggle the spreadsheet and see what we can do to make everybody happy.

Prices: aren't visible to you on the site, because they are a wholesale company. I have the price sheet, but I can't just post the whole thing. Ask about the plants that interest you, and I'll get the price. In general, expect prices to be 1/3 to 1/2 of retail.

Pickup: depending on how the timing works out, pickup will either be at the spring swap or at a separate "divvy-up party," date TBA. You'll also be able to pick up plants from me in FREDERICK, MD. ADR ships bare root, so they need to be potted or planted asap. I will "hold" plants if needed by potting them in bunches. I WILL NOT SHIP PLANTS

Conditions: New participants need to pay via PayPal or check, so that I have their $ in hand when the plants are shipped. Previous participants in my group buys may pay me at pickup. Your initial invoice will include a 10% margin to cover my costs (including unsold items, which enables me to order a bag of 10 lilies even when we've only pre-sold 9). In past group buys, this has been reduced to 2-3% by the final invoice -- I'm not trying to make a profit.

Participation is AT YOUR OWN RISK. We've always been happy with group buys from ADR, but if California falls into the ocean and their supplier is underwater, all bets are off. I'm not a retailer, so I can't just absorb the cost of unexpected losses -- if I owe money, then you have to pay me, even for things we didn't receive.

I'll post a few things I'm interested in to start us off. Feel free to nominate additions... if 3 people are interested in something, or if 1 person is willing to commit to half the number needed, I'll add it to the list, and we'll see what happens.

Chris said they won't have the website ready until later, but everything you see a picture for is available for us to order. Just ignore the "sold out" signs. I put a link at the top of this page to their "Perennials" selection, but I'm willing to entertain the idea of getting lilies, callas, whatever.

Have fun browsing & shopping!

~ Critter, aka Jill Nicolaus

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