Looking to buy named Episcia stolens

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

rooted or unrooted.I know it's to cold in most states to ship now but I really would like to give a few as xmas gifts if anyone has heat packs or insulation.Or maybe line something up for spring.I don't have any gessies right now but maybe a homemade gift to trade.Thanks Jan

Also looking to buy some named kohleria rhizomes or cuttings.

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Saco, ME

Wish I could help you out Jannich but I don't grow either of those.
Good luck in your search though.
Maybe try Rob's, LyndonLyon, Kartuz, or E-Bay?

Just some ideas :)

Have a Merry Christmas :)

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Hi Kim,Good to see you.I am so glad you found your way back to Daves garden and this forum I thought of ebay but just thought maybe some members would have some a little different than whats offered on ebay of course my timing sucks and I'm kind of low budget right now,I should have thought of this a few months ago.Oh well,

I'm thinking of joining my local senior center soon and thought of bringing a few different kinds of gessies in with me to see if there would be any interest from the ladies to grow some plants.Episcia and the kohleria,maybe some mini sinningia's.I have seeds down for one mini sinningia(rio das pedras) but it will be a while before they sprout. I think maybe plants would go over good Or maybe not.LOL.Just a thought.

Merry Christmas to you too and all the other members that frequent this forum.

Will administration please remove this posting please.

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Will administration please remove this posting please

Northeast, MO(Zone 5b)

Hey Sis :)

Way too cold here now for that but I can send you some this spring. I owe another person some, should have enough for both of you. I lost Suomi :( but I do have some others. How many varieties are you looking to get?

FYI: I sent you an e-mail the other day just in case you haven't checked but nothing you have to respond to, just info you need to know.

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

That is a nice idea about the senior center. I have some sinningia I was going to give away for postage in the spring. I was growing extra for plant sales that never happened. Let me know when it get warmer. tish

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Hey Sis,
I am not growing anything right now,but might have some Sinningia tubers that are still viable.Gave away all my Episcias.Last I knew Jim had a ton of them.

Saco, ME

We should start a spring trade thread.
I would be interested in any extra sinningia tubers people have share to use in my hybridizing programs and will have many african violets to share along with cuttings from hoyas, XCodonanthus, nematanthus etc. I will be taking 2 shelves of african violets down to 1 shelf to make room for sinningias and will have nice sized african violets to part with.
I just have to make the hard decision as to which ones are going and which ones are staying with me a little longer *lol*

Wish I had some episcias to share but they don't fare well for me due to the weather here in Maine.


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