SOLVED: What is this ground cover?

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

I am still not sure what this is? It just all of a sudden appeared in my bed and it is sure nuff covering the whole ground! It pulls up real easy like but I wasn't sure "if" it was just a pesty weed or it there would be a chance that it would have a bloom on it some day? Anyone know??

Thumbnail by MOLLYBEE

The black copyright thing is right over the top of the foremost leaf so its hard to see. Would a description be possible :)

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

hmmm don't know why it didn't enlarge like it should have. but this seems to be a running ground cover. the leaves are somewhat jagged and it has very shallow roots. hmmm how else can I explain it??...It really don't have a major plant that it stems from, just appears to be lots of differnt plants, that all run together...but not together if you know what I mean I know this isn't a good description at all but it's the best I can do until I can come up with another pic. O I know the leaves look kinda like miniture hollyhock leaves but yet they are pointed on the edges. seems as though I have talked myself in a complete circle here LOL Can you make heads or tails out of this it would help me out alot!

Sorry Molly I don't even know where to begin a search! Perhaps someone has this in their garden.

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