re-red a poinsettia?

Fort Collins, CO

has anybody ever tried to keep a poinsettia around for a year (or more?) as a houseplant, then do the light/dark treatment themselves to get the red bracts?

What was your experience with that?

I think I'm going to keep one around this year and give it a shot.

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Portage, WI(Zone 5a)

Well good luck. I have never heard of any individual having success. Let us know how you do. The light/dark cycles are a must. Gene

toms river, NJ

Without very much help from me I had a plant bloom the next year.
It was placed outside all summer and set 2 buds when taken inside in the fall.
The room it was put into had no artificial light at the time.
The 'flowers' were very small - nowhere near the size of the original.

Covington, LA

I kept mine from last year. It was in a six in pot when I got it as a gift. I brought it home in June and put it in a larger pot outside. We didn't do anything special to it at all. I just fed it Miracle Grow and this is what happened. It is about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

I'm looking for one of the ruffled or variegated varieties to pick up cheap after the holiday and start the process again for next year.


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Starkville, MS(Zone 8a)

That is just so neat. I never bothered to keep mine after the holidays, but I think I will try to do so this coming year. I can keep the plants in my enclosed porch until spring and then grow them outside. They may never "re-red" (I also have a beautiful variegated one) since I don't think I can truly control lighting in the fall, but it is still worth a try.


Covington, LA

Ken, we never tried to control the light. It was outside on the deck until fall and then in the greenhouse. The natural daylight/dark cycle seems to have done it. I think that might be the trick.

Starkville, MS(Zone 8a)

I will know more when next fall/winter rolls around. I neither have the time nor the inclination to protect those plants from light sources next fall.


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I believe you need to keep the Poinsettia in TOTAL darkness from
mid-October to beg. of December for it to turn red. So--about 6 weeks.
You can put a big cardboard box over it or keep it in a dark closet.
Not one bit of light can enter this period. None!

This is just a technicality--but the actual blooms of the Poinsettia are not
the red leaves--but that tiny cluster of green/yellow round thingies in the
middle of the "bloom"...
This is hard to accept--because we all call the beautiful red leaves as the 'bloom'.
So do I.
Another erroneous belief is that Poinsettias are toxic to animals. That is not true either.
A cat or dog would have to eat a huge amount of Poinsettias for it to be lethal.
Mostly, if an animal just nibbled on one, it may throw up. That's it.

Many years ago, I grew a Poinsettia for 2 more years. Never tried to turn it red.
I took it outside for the summer. It was a nice, woody green plant.
Then it died.


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