Spider Advice anyone?

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Can anyone please advise me?

I am currently insulating my garden shed (I live in Edinburgh, Scotland UK, by the way) and I have some recesses in to which I'd like to pump some expanding foam filler to seal off draughts etc.

Now, I don't want to seriously disturb my shed's spiders (I notice I have some real beauts!) and so I'm hoping someone can advise me on the following queries:

i. I am aware of a couple of large spiders (I'm pretty sure the inhabitants of my shed are "Tegenaria gigantea" - although I'm no expert) living in at least one of the recesses in question. How do I check to make sure, and also how do I 'encourage' them to move elsewhere without harming them?

ii. I notice quite a few 'nests' (little white bundles) in corners etc. Is it safe enough for me to move them to a safer location? If so, how do I do this without harming/destroying the nests? Also, to where should I move them? What's the best type of place?

iii. I have not covered over all the spaces where I know spiders like to lurk... and I don't intend to. However, if I seal up most of the shed's draughts (insulation-wise) and keep all of the existing nests inside the shed, won't I then be overrun with spiders that don't know where to go once they hatch?

iv. If I move the nests, will this disorientate or stress the 'mother' spider in no longer being able to find the nest?

I realise that some of my queries may sound - to all you experts - a bit naive perhaps but I seriously don't want to harm the spiders or the nests in any way.

Appreciating any help.

Best regards


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I just noticed this... I appreciate you want to help the spiders instead of killing them. Did you find the answers you were looking for?

This isn't the best forum on the site as it relates to the bug files, photos, etc rather than advice about insects themselves. I am not really sure what the best forum would be, but there are some knowledgeable people on the Insect ID forum who might be able to help you.

I hope you can find some help. :)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Thanks, Chillybean.

I finally managed to get a ream of very useful information from a spider researcher professor and university lecturer with the British Arachnological Society.



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