Gastric Ulcers

Iowa City, IA(Zone 5a)

Have any of you ever had a horse with these? I'm starting to think maybe Stormy has them.

He seems to be the nervous type and is cinchy as heck. Some days he won't even allow a bareback pad, breaks out in a sweat, and gets kicking mad when I just try to gently touch his belly. I know he has never been crazy about being saddled, in fact his last owner never put one on him. But after working with him for two months I can't attribute his behavior to fussiness or previously insensitive riders. It seems clear that he is in pain.

I watched a video of a chiropractor yesterday who demonstrated the acupressure points for diagnosing ulcers and I'm going to test him when I go out tomorrow.

I have started him on a hoof/coat supplement as I noticed that his hooves were getting little cracks and chips once the freezing weather started, and his mane looks kind of crispy at the ends. But could that be related to ulcers preventing him from absorbing all the nutrients from his food?

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