Installing mini blinds inside mount and hitting metal

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I am helping my daughter who is replacing all the old vertical blinds in her bedroom windows. they bought this house which is maybe 20 yrs old. 2 of the upstairs bedrooms have arched windows. these are vinyl windows. She put a curtain rod up but had a very difficult time because the drill bit hit metal just under the wall board, about 1-2 " beyond the window. (not inside mount) She wants to install 1" blinds inside mount. I am guessing the metal will there too. Can we use a hammer drill w/ metal bit and proceed as usual to secure the brackets?

So the blinds will hang about 20 inches below the top of the arch. about 5 in. depth of window. we will then hang a rod above the arch for a curtain that goes the length of the window to the sill.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

I lived in an apartment that had metal "Garden" doors going out to the little patio. I wanted sheered curtains on those windows. I used a very high temp glue gun and glued the curtain brackets on the metal doors. Had to reglue about once a year. When I left they popped off with no damage.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

good idea. But w/ the weight of blinds I need something more secure. I ended up calling Bali blinds and they are sending me brackets for side mount . . inside . I got a drill bit for metal. It turns out the metal is very thin. I did a test drill.

toronto, Canada

Hi, I recently installed double hung windows in my bedroom. I tried the glue method to install blinds but it didnít work for me. Since my vendor Landmark home solutions offered lifetime warranty and service i decided not to take any risks and called them. They drilled the blinds into metal frame perfectly. Using glue to attach blinds is a good idea. But you have to consider the weight of blinds.

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