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Australian & NZ gardening into 2015..

Merino, Australia

Not many around now but I thought a new thread was needed for the new year.

We came from here.......

Its been a mixed start here weatherwise with very hot days mixed in with cooler rainy days.
Looks like today will be the start of another warm spell.
My roses have been doing very well except for the heat toasting the flowers. They will do better as the autumn rolls in later.
My other plants here at my unit are also looking okay despite the heat.
The mini dahlias are growing fast and should make a great show next year.
The petunias are lasting well but will soon have to be replaced by something else colorful.

Teresa, sounds like a good plan to be walking early.
Sugar would love the free runs in the park.

Dianne , nice to see you are healing well.
great vegie garden.

Anthony, pics of your beautiful liliums please.

I'm off to do a bit of watering where the rain doesnt reach.


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Christchurch, New Zealand

my roses are doing ok in the heat but we've had some fierce winds that have knocked the blooms about.
pic 1 - I was playing with the settings, no idea how I did this.
pic 2 - the same rose
pic 3 - compassion
pic 4 - lavender
pic 5 - no idea what this, it's coming over the fence from next door.

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

well that was strange - I uploaded the first 4 photos & then the last one after that.
Typed in the descriptions & hit send...
so pic 2 is really pic 5.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Jean , did Molly enter.. ? Am I the proudest POP in the world?.. She won the highest award possible for a green throated/ yellow Asiatic flower , called 'St Patrick'.. This site wont let me post pics , but if you want to see the cutest pic , Private me at [email protected]

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Anthony, congratulations to young Molly. What a proud moment for you both.


Thumbnail by themoonhowl
Christchurch, New Zealand

well done to Molly!

Anthony - have you tried logging out of DG & then logging back in?
It worked for me when the option to "Choose File" disappeared.

Cheers - Teresa

Merino, Australia

Congratulations Molly.....
That is a cute pic too.
Thanks for adding it so we can see it, Moon.
Nice to see you here too.

Anthony, I can see that you are going to have a serious competitor with Molly.
Its so lovely to see her taking after Pop.

Teresa, when I first looked st your pics, I thought, Teresa should know thats lavender, then I read the

DG can be funny at times...

Raining here this morning after I spent an hour watering late yesterdayafternoon. The weather was hot and did not look like rain , but the rain will do the plants good. They love rain.

I'm off to get a second cuppa as I want to get a start on a painting.
I am looking forward to getting back into it as I do love painting.

take care everyone and stay safe.
Sorry I forgot to put a pretty pic on the new thread, but one cannot go back into edit and add one so heres one anyway.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

Anthony, just popped in to show you the new lilium seedling flowering. This is another from your seed.
Very pretty and I will be keeping it.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Dalfyre I love the two roses you were given to commemorate two very important events in your life, the names were so apt. I think the yellow and white flower coming over the fence may be a Jasmine but a fairly invasive one. If it is quite fragrant I would be sure that is what it is.
Anthony you and Molly must be so proud of your lily, what a shame you can't post a picture. Talking of pictures though, Molly is delightful and as pretty as any flower. You have supplied Jean with some beautiful lilies and it looks like she knows how to make them perform well as her photos all look great.
It has been raining here for days now and tomorrow is supposed to reach 35 degrees so the humidity will be unbearable outside so I think I'll be stuck inside still even if it doesn't rain. I have a few plants I'd like to get into the garden now my wrist will let me dig again if only the weather would be more obliging. It has been a good time to pop outside between showers and pull up a few of the weeds in the lawn. I have a grass that has quite thick, flattish stems that grow out from the centre point in three directions. This seems to be popping up all through my lawns like someone ran around scattering the seed randomly. More realistically, it is probably the warm, wet conditions that are the cause. I get the feeling if I don't get it out it will take over from the regular lawn grass and it won't look good.
I suspect you may have less people in the forum because I discovered that I could no longer follow any forums without first buying a subscription. I bought a subscription although I resented it feeling I was forced to do so because almost nothing but my journal was available without one. Now I'm finding I still frequently get messages saying URL not found when I'm trying to navigate around which is really annoying when I'm a paid up member.
Anyway, may you all enjoy the remainder of your week whatever you are going. Cheers, Diane

Christchurch, New Zealand

Diane - that is odd - I have never paid a subscription, the free forums are enough to keep me happy. Australian & NZ Gardening has been a brilliant way to 'meet' new people and I have learned so much.

Even developed an interest in bromeliads after I got an id on my Bil nutans a few years ago. The brom growers were just so welcoming I have kept up with the threads although don't have any other broms yet.

I do love my roses - goes back to my childhood. Mum has always had roses & my paternal grand parents had lovely roses as well.

Years ago hubby asked what I wanted for Valentines day - I suggested a white standard rose.
He came home with a pink bush rose as the garden centre staff told him that it was the wrong time of year for standard roses...
the name of the rose he bought is Pinocchio, that did make me laugh as I imagined the staff member's nose growing for telling poor hubby such a fib.
Pretty sure if he had phones a few nurseries there would have been a standard rose available somewhere.

The one I really want to find is Blackberry Nip. The colour is lovely & the fragrance delightful.
It has been on my wish list for years.
I wasn't able to justify $30.00 for a rose when I saw it, I was newly single & had gone a bit silly buying new furniture to go with my new house & then discovered the leasehold for the land was double what I had budgeted for...

took me a while to dig myself out of the debt, money was so tight that I had $2.00 left at the end of each week. I used to save that $2.00 until I had enough money to buy lunch.

Otherwise I just had brown rice & tuna that I brought from home.

cheers - Teresa

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Teresa the thing about the subscription is odd but I have always had problems with missing URLs on Daves Garden. Melody Rose ended up sending me a special log in address which has cured those problems at least. I also ended up taking more of an interest in broms after having one of mine identified for me on the brom forum. I have had lots of the ordinary green broms for years but occasionally have found myself tempted to buy one that takes my fancy. They are expensive from Bunnings and the nurseries here so I don't buy one often. The Brom forum posts are long and it takes me a lot of time to read them and I don't feel I have much to add as I am very much a novice.
I also love roses and had quite a few when I lived in Christchurch but I have not been game to try growing them in Brisbane as I feel in this climate their pests and diseases would have a field day and I have been against using sprays other than Neem Oil for a few years now, too worried about the bee populations decline I guess. My Mum also grew a great many lovely roses in Christchurch. I love your story about the Pinocchio rose, I hope you've grown to love it anyway. I hope you get to have your Blackberry Nip sometime but I can see why you were not able to buy it at $30 whilst struggling to make ends meet.
Another hot and steamy day when I can't really go outdoors until 5 pm and that gives me around 90 minutes before it's getting dark. It just does not seem to be enough time to keep up with what I want to get done and is mostly used up watering, I suspect I have too many plants in pots. Hope you are having a great day. Diane

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

If I cant depend on Jean Or Dianne to grow lilies... From Seed ... The proof is in the pudding . & can I say , they had some of the best seed available in the world , at the time!... Molly won , with a lily her great grandmother gave me 10-11 years ago & I planted it on the property border!.. I picked it at 9 am , 1-1/2 hrs before judging.. It was yellow , but so green up through the middle throat & the petals were 'PERFECT'.. It was a damn champion!!![ lets call it divine intervention].. Pop just missed out on a teeth gritting Trophy, but anyway , theres always next year!!.. Check out our show .. Tasblooms Claremont flshow , then check out 2015 gallery

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Tonight , I have -choose a file.. woo-hoo

Thumbnail by g_whizz Thumbnail by g_whizz Thumbnail by g_whizz Thumbnail by g_whizz Thumbnail by g_whizz
Christchurch, New Zealand

Anthony - those are stunning lilies.

Would "Chevron" be related to Regale?

There was an item in our local rag about a woman with an 80 head lily... they called it a freak & it certainly was spectacular.

It was named as a Regal lily.I thought they must mean Regale but looking at the photo the flowers were a creamy yellow.

take care - Teresa

Merino, Australia

Anthony, so beautiful...
I love the orange in your 3rd pic.
So many and so lovely....
I hope that darn file button stays around for you so we can see more.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Jean , that 3rd one is MY baby .. I bred it.. Teresa , the lily that lady had was 'Fasciated' ... read up on it , I get at least 2 a year! They are spectacular!.. Yes Chevron is a trumpet associated with Regale...

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Anthony - fasciated is exactly what it must be, I'm assuming other lilies do this as well.
I really don't think she had a Regal lily - unless they come in colours other than the white with yellow striping inside.
Hers were an all over shade of creamy yellow.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Anthony - fasciated is exactly what it must be, I'm assuming other lilies do this as well.
I really don't think she had a Regal lily - unless they come in colours other than the white with yellow striping inside.
Hers were an all over shade of creamy yellow.

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Hi Jean, Teressa and Anthony, I've just been reading your posts as it's way to hot and steamy to be out in the garden after some heavy rain and now the sun back out and temperatures in the mid 30's. I am enjoying the pictures of the lilliums, they are so beautiful and you must be so proud of Molly Anthony. Had to look up fasciated as it was not a term I'd ever heard and it turned out there was an interesting discussion on the subject on Dave's Garden. I think Regal lilies might be what I knew as Christmas lilies in New Zealand as my Mum grew them. I used the evening yesterday to get the compost that was ready out of my bins, what a total mess I ended up in as it was pretty muddy still.
I have a Brugmansia which is sprouting from its base and I don't know if I should keep it to one main shoot or let the sprouts grow too. It was a cutting which got a very late start but is making good growth now. I will put up pictures (1 and 2) and would appreciate any advice on the subject.
Picture 3 is a sweetheart or valentine hoya if anyone would like a piece (a leaf) to root and grow and the 4th Pic is a canna flower and the 5th Pic is a variegated crassula if anyone would like a piece of that the root and grow. Becomming overcast so I might be able to get out soon. Hope you have all had a good weekend - Diane

Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63
Christchurch, New Zealand

hmmmm- I wonder why my post came through twice?

Good thing it was short & sweet ;)

There is another lily referred to as Xmas lily here - it looks the same as Regale but has a green tone where the Regale is yellow.

I did have photos but they were on my old lap top, the one stolen in a burglary a few years back.

And hubby hasn't been able to access the back up to get all my photos back.

cheers - Teresa

Merino, Australia

Just a reply to your query on the brugmansia. They will shoot from the base even after you think they are dead.
You can either leave the shoots to grow and have a bushy plant or keep the straightest stem as a tree shape.
It can depend on the individual brug, as some are prone to think they are large trees and will grow quite tall while others are happy to stay about 5 - 6 foot.

If the cutting was from above the Y of the old plant, it will flower sooner and may make a nice bushy plant.
If , however, the cutting was from below the Y on the original plant, you may have to wait a while until it makes its own Y before flowering.
If you are not familiar with the term " Y" on brugs, this is where the first branching occurs and until this happens, the plant will not flower.
Some can grow to over 7 foot before making that Y and some will do it at a smaller height.
I have added a couple of pics to show how they Y.

Good luck with it.

Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Thank you for your very informative answer Jean, I will have to decide whether I want a bushy plant or a tree. The leaves are huge so I have a feeling they will get quite large before they Y. I have no idea where the original cuttings were taken from so I will just have to be patient. I think some of the leaves have spider mite and was wondering if a spray with Enviro Neem Organic potassium horticultural soap would help get rid of the mites or would you suggest something else? Cheers - Diane

Merino, Australia

Diane, spider mites can be savage on some brugmansias. I have used various things... commercial mite spray, soap & water, Neem oil and eucalyptus oil and just plain hosing them off..
Spraying should help if you only have the one brug. The mites seem to return each year but unless they are in real plague proportions, I would not worry too much as they dont seem to affect the plants health in small numbers. They eventually disappear when the cold weather arrives.
I had lots of the mites before I moved, but I dont see any at all now.
The main thing is to keep the plant healthy with plenty of water and regular feeds. Brugs love feeding and dont like to be dry. Dont let the plant get water logged feet though.
Use any feed but try to vary over time.
A good tomato fertliser works well, alternated with Thrive or such.
Seasol is also great for all your plants on a regular basis.


Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Many thanks for your information about the spider mites Jean, I will try repeated applications of Neem to see if I can get on top of them. If it doesn't I might try a commercial systemic as at least it will only get things that suck or chew plants. Your advice on feeding brugs is also appreciated and I will vary the soluble fertilisers I apply. As we are experiencing hot, humid and wet weather I have not had the chance to apply it very often as the brug is growing in a very large pot and I don't want to waterlog it. I might try to get the pot up on some feet so drainage will not be impeded if I can find a strong man to help out. Cheers, Diane

Christchurch, New Zealand

My Damson plums are ripening, Sugar is enjoying the fruit that falls and the birds are feasting up in the branches - I'm the only one not to have a taste yet.

And I have one lovely red tomato ready to pick :)

the rest shouldn't be too far away, they are getting to a good size.

Been a far better season than we had last year. Much warmer during the day & with having the tomatoes in pots against a North facing wall they are benefiting from the residual heat.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Fired the new V8 in the Dodge today... WOO HOO HOO... A boiling cauldron of power!

Christchurch, New Zealand

nothing like the sound of a V8...

can't top it - except maybe with a V12 Rolls Royce Merlin ;)

All kidding aside your Dodge must give you such a thrill.

Have fun with it, don't know about Aussie but fuel prices are down here so it's a good time to own a V8.

Merino, Australia

Go Anthony.....
look out Tassie, theres a new Tassie devil out

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

i know i have not been on the group for some time but i am looking for a pic of
Brugmansia 'Amanda' this is one of Linda Costa's plants

if you can help please send to
[email protected]


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Phew -damn hot here.. I'm not going to describe my attire at the computer.. .. but going to be worse tomorrow

Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - reminds me of the little old lady who decided to liven up the rest home by streaking through the dining hall at lunch...

after she ran through one gent turned to his mates & asked "wasn't that Gladys?"

"yes" came the reply, "it was, but what on earth was she wearing?"

"Not sure" said another, "but it really needed ironing!"

take care

Merino, Australia

Shaun , sorry I cant help with the pic you are after.

Anthony, I know how you are feeling, its like that here too.
We are getting a few light showers but that only makes the humidity worse.
My attire has to be somewhat decent as I usually have the door open and I would hate to frighten the

Teresa, good one...ha ha... I am sure I could do with a good ironing myself these days....

Take care everyone.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - that is a beautiful rose, love that colour, and the bloom shape is nice too.

One of the houses we rented in Brisbane had a 'Blue' rose in the garden, it was more lilac than blue but really pretty.

I'm hoping for a nice flush of autumn colour on my roses but with it being so dry they may sulk.

cheers - Teresa

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hotter 36* I had to turn the AC on ,to sleep!... Fluid building in my damn ankles!

Christchurch, New Zealand

I have campaigned my 3rd Dalmatian breed Champion...

Sugar won the final Challenge Certificate (issued for being the Best Bitch) needed to make her up.

She had to beat two other bitches, one already a Champion & another that was also just needing one more win for her title.

We had a nice celebration dinner with a bottle of bubbles that night :)

cheers - Teresa

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Good on you !!!& Sugar, I know it means a lot to you ... Congratulations!

Merino, Australia

Congratulations Teresa and Miss Sugar.
We all knew she was a champ she just had to show off her exhuberant nature

Great news to hear. Of course her very patient owner had a bit to do with the winning too.

Hey Anthony, been quite cool here for a day or day, but I hear the heat is coming back.
Without the humidity I hope.

Lots of liliums sprouting down there I bet. Getting ready to head into next Spring.
I will be repotting my couple and hope for larger flowers as they mature.
Give Cocky a biscuit for me .

My two oil paintings of flowers. Never done them before and its fun to try.
The creamy roses were done just with a palette knife, the other is with the normal brushes.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Christchurch, New Zealand

Thanks Anthony :)

My lily seed pods are getting fatter.

The ones on the asiatics were a mixed success.
Some shrivelled & fell off but I have a couple that look good.

That was a cross of Royal Sunset & yellow noid - and vice versa :)

I seem to have a pod of each.

For some reason all my pink asiatics have vanished, bit sad as it was a pretty colour & would have been fun to try crossing it with the others.

cheers - Teresa

Thumbnail by dalfyre
Christchurch, New Zealand

Thanks Jean -

Just love the paintings you have done.

I have always wished to be able to draw or paint...

I just don't seem to have the eye for proportion or the hand eye coordination needed :)

Oh well, I can still appreciate the work of others.

cheers - Teresa

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Congratulations Teresa and Sugar, well done! Love your paintings Jean, palette knife work makes it hard to do much detail but makes for heaps of texture. Went to a wonderful subtropical open garden in Sunnybank. It belongs to a Dennis Hundscheidt and after many years of opening his garden he was showing it to the public for the last time. It was a real inspiration to wander and admire and at the end there were a lot of plants for sale. I came home with three new plants I had admired in his garden. These are some photos I took while there. 1 & 2 are gingers 3 is a Mussaenda philippica "Queen Sirikit" 4 one of the many ponds, not sure about 5. Sorry they are up the wrong way.

Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63 Thumbnail by Magpie63

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