Gloriosa Lily seeds

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

A friend gave me a pod of seeds for Gloriosa Lily. The pod has dried and split, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Should I let the seeds continue to dry? Can I plant them outside, or should they go in a pot?

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Gloriosa Lily ... I love those tender perennial vines--yes they grow as a vine, and not like other liliums. In my zone (7b) they will not survive outdoor. So I plant them in pot/container to enjoy their flowers every summer. I have not raise them from seeds, only know them in tuber forms. I would suspect that the seedlings will take couple years to mature to yield flowers? Any how, I would treat them as tender perenials and protect them from frost. Not sure, if your temp. will ever drop below 32F degrees. Good luck and enjoy.

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

We don't really have to much cold here, but a few nights will get to 32. We had one night of 29 this year, but not for long. The seeds are nice and dry now, so I will try them in little pots inside, and plant them out this spring.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I am curious if your seeds sprouted?

Youngsville, LA

Hi Happytail, I'm in south LA zone 9. I let the seeds drop into the hanging pot & ground below as pods split. I started from one large pod of seeds that I planted about this time of year in a pot on my part sun patio. they well plump at that time but starting to shrink up a little so I don't think that matters. By the Fall up they sprouted all on their own. The pot is hanging in high trees shaped lorapetulums so the soil below in very humusy & moist getting only morning sun. They climb out in all directions about 5' for a pretty display of red orange & yellow in the bushes. My Coral Vine planted on a fence by the lorapetalums also drop seeds there & come up just the same. The Gloriosa vine sprouts look like grass shoots so don't pull thinking they are weeds. At first they have only a few roots, then over about 6 months make a long root that has tuberous growth. Did you know they prefer alkaline soil? That's why I plant them in a large hanging basket since my soil is relatively acid for my many south LA. plants to do well. I use 1/2 cactus mix 1/2 all purpose soil. I add crushed egg shells a couple times a year which supports alkalinity. After they flower the vine dies back on it's own & are dormant thru winter so I drop the pot to the ground & if temps drop about 35 I throw an old towel to cover for a little insulation. I remove it on sunny days of 35 & up temps. They sprout stronger every year so they are hardy in zone 9. Hope this helps in your cultivation of these beauties.

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