I want to try bread fruit can it be started by seed?

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I have had a want for this plant/tree for years Would it grow in NC?

noonamah, Australia

Breadfruit is ultra tropical, you'd have to grow it as such, zone 11 conditions at least, better with zone 12 upwards. Normally they're grown from root cuttings (not stem or branch cuttings). I've never tried from seed nor heard of people trying to grow them from seed. But logically it should work. Probably the thing against seeds is you can't guarantee the quality of the new plant whereas a cutting will give you exactly the parent plant.

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the info

Mulberry, FL

You should check into jack fruit seeds have to be fresh there not a long lasting seed you would have to keep it in pot for winter

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