What's next for young bulbs

Perham, MN(Zone 3b)

These baby bulbs, which were separated from their parents late last spring, grown on in the garden through the summer, and re-planted in December, are (some of them), sending up flower stalks! Doesn't look like there's much in there. But apparently they're ready to give things a try. These are Dancing Queen and Flaming Peacock.

I didn't want to have too many pots in the house to look after, so since they were small, and also so they could be in big enough pots not to be "tippy," I grouped them. My plan is to just watch for now, and grow them on. Re-pot when they start to go dormant - or set outside, if it's warm enough. Around here, it doesn't seem like they ever really volunteer to go dormant. They stop growing fast for a while, but they seem to stay green *forever*, and always to have some young leaves in the middle. I'll watch for when the slowdown occurs and move at that time, trying for as little damage as possible.

That's the plan anyway. Move 'em on up, feed, water, sun, and see what happens.

The biggest and fastest growing babies are Dancing Queen. What a vigorous line that seems to be! Those bulbs were maybe 2.5" in diameter when planted. The largest of the Flaming Peacock was 2". My question is, how long will it take for them to reach the size that would be sold commercially? Assuming I do the right stuff in general.

This isn't really a critical question; more like just curiosity. But it's nice to think about stuff like this on a Sunday morning, with coffee. Thanks for looking and chatting -


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East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

If the ones with bloom stalks are the offsets you separated, then they're ready to be sold, as they should bloom from now in, given the proper care. It would be good salesmanship, but not required, that you disclose info as to when you separated so the experienced grower knows, most people just want to know they're of blooming age, not size of actual bulb.

I'm answering you while sipping on my frou-frou coffee, which DH makes for me as a treat. He doesn't go for fancy stuff, but he suffers thru it on Sundays. It's Valentines Day every day in our home.

Perham, MN(Zone 3b)

Vossner, ha, frou-frou coffee! Happy Valentine's Day! My drink today is tea, for "something different." Makes a nice change. I'm such a coffee hound.

I'll never sell any of these bulbs. Probably just give them away, potted and ready to go, as gifts. Even then - not until they get big. Not until they're something I'd be proud to give. Unless someone says Oh Yes Please, I'd Love to Take It!

The supposed Dancing Queen ones are blooming out now as Red Lion, ha ha! How did that happen?? I'm definitely watching the rest to make *sure* I know what they are. My goodness, that sorting/planting process last spring must have been more chaotic than I thought.

East Texas, United States(Zone 8a)

The sorting process is a logistical nightmare all the way back to the
Dutch clearinghouses. I've seen them and with millions of bulbs I just don't know how they mixups aren't greater. So it might have not been you, it might have been your retailer or the wholesaler or who knows who.

Happy valentines to you too

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