grubbs in vegetable plot!!

Encino, CA

i was so disturbed i joined up to ask: does anyone know a way to get rid of grubbs organically in a vegetable plot. really. not on the lawn, right where i wanted to gorgeous little pea seedlings.
i went to armstrong first, then osh, but they both only have really chemical stuff. i have not had time to hit a nursery like green thumb or arrow yet. i looked on line and it says to leave grubs exposed for birds to find. "hello, birds, can you come eat the grubs so i can plant my peas please!" oddly, its really such a small strip, maybe 10 feet long. grubs to the right, a bunch, like 20, but to the left, not one! i planted some lettuce there. just wondering.
(and yes, definitely grubs, i showed them to person at armstrong!)
help if you can.
and thanks

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Just out of curiosity, what was growing there before? Can you post a photo to insect ID forum? It might help to prevent them in the future if you know what it grows up to be.
The recomendation I am finding is "parasitic nematodes" - mail order- use a good bug to fight a bad bug.
And yes, robins, starlings and a few other birds eat grubs. Bringing a few to the surface lets them knoe that is a good spot to look.

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