Frangipani/Plumeria is not looking too good at the moment..

Adelaide, Australia

Hi glad to have joined your site :)

Hope someone can help me with my Frangipani / Plumeria it's from a cutting in my parents garden that I can NOT get again!
Flowered for the 1st time last year and growing great in a pot, but this year the new leaves start out dark green and end up turning to a lime green and go downhill with curling and marks/patches on them.
I use Seasol + powerfeed on all my plants and most are in pots as the soil here is bad..I also use a moisture meter to test each pot before I water.
I'll put some pics up of a before and and now.....

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noonamah, Australia

I have that one too, it's a very nice variety and has a nice fragrance. Generally they're very easy to grow. Do you check moisture in the soil before watering again? It looks like they might be too wet. They're quite drought tolerant but don't like it too wet. If the original soil had a lot of organic matter possibly that's broken down and left a heavier water retaining soil. And they will grow in very poor soil, my place is proof of that.

Adelaide, Australia

Thanks for the reply tropicbreeze :)

Yes I check moisture in the soil before watering again as the top of the potting mix can look like the desert but it's still damp underneath, the meter takes out the guess work..
I know they like a well draining soil/potting mix so I put 2 shovel fulls in the mix before planting the cutting.
I will try letting it dry out even more this time and see how it goes..

Fountainbleau, FL

Remember when growing in pots the soil gets depleted so you need to fertilize on a regular basis not just now and then. Curling is a sign of missing nutrients. If you can get Dynn-Gro grow or similar product in your area use it. We grow plumerias and use a time released fertilizer 6-6-10 (twice a year) and Dyan-Grow TekT once a month. All our plumerias are received as cuttings so we root them units the Dyna-Gro KLN and then after three months start them on the regular routine. AdeniumRose company rare and unusual cactus, succulent plants.

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