Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

How many of you love and grow your own mushroom? I love mushrooms and they are a little pricey in the store. I have grown mushroom kits in the house, but never outdoors. I stared a morel bed at the end of last year. It measures 4 x 6. I hope I get some morels from this bed. I wish I was physically able to go mushroom hunting. I plan on plugging some logs this year.
Dave's did not know that there was a section for Mushrooms and said they would create one if there was enough interest. I think like me they were looking for the word mushrooms. We know that mushrooms are fungi but so is aspergillus. Sorry! the Lab Tech in me talking. I asked Dave's if they could change the Fungi to Mushrooms. I asked because I'm sure there are others that will be looking for the section and like the Dave's group and myself may not find it.
Growing mushrooms is getting more popular. Although I will not be physically able to go out and hunt mushrooms I still would like to know and discuss them and hopefully get some going in the yard.

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