Container Soil sterilization

Harwinton, CT

I want to use last years potting soil in my vegetable containers and I'd like to know if a dilute Clorox solution can be used to kill off any harmful diseases, microbes, etc., that may have invaded it last year. If not the bleach, what would be a good substitute?

Thomaston, CT

Wow...not sure.....I use diluted bleach to wash out my pots, but not the soil. Good soil has a lot of microbes in it, so I don't think you want to kill off the good bacteria......I'm sure your snow total equals mine, here by the Thomaston Dam.....

Harwinton, CT

Hi Robindog . . .That's what I thought re the Clorox but I do want to disinfect that soil if at all possible.

I LOVE the snow! We used to ski a lot but my knees are gone so now I'm just shoveling it. We have a 700' driveway to clear but my husband has the equipment to do it. I grew up in New Britain and was always outdoors when there was snow. My kids grew up in CT and one of my sons lives in SC and hates it up here .Gee, we're not too far from you!

Thomaston, CT

No, you're close....if you want to stop during gardening season, I'll give you directions.....If we ever get to plant this year! The snow is getting me down......Am only planning on staying in CT another 5 or 6 years, then I'm heading south!

Hollis, NH

No need to clean soil. Just augment in the spring with a compost, peat and potting soil mix.

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