Need help with pipe fittings for irrigation

Micanopy, FL

You can skip the verbose details and go straight to the capitalized line below "FINALLY TO MY QUESTIONS", if you can help with pipe fittings.

I don't have my irrigation plan completely down yet, but here's where I'm at and I'd surely appreciate some learned input. The garden will be about 100 x 60. I am planning on a gate in the middle of each short side and a 5 foot access way through the middle of the garden so that I can drive my garden tractor w/ trailer down the middle. Rows will be perpendicular to that middle access way and be about 25 feet long on either side.
My well tank is about 120 feet from where I want to run schedule 40 1-1/4" pipe to just inside one of the 60' sides in the middle near the gate. I am going to add a shutoff valve to my existing sprinkler system so that all that water can be piped to the garden if I want. I don't use the sprinkler system anyway so far. The rusty, non-filtered water turns the walkways and house rust colored. So, I plan to run that 1-1/4 pipe with a vertical T to each side of the access path near one of the gates. I'll have a treated 4x4 set in concrete to strap those vertical 1-1/4 pvc pipes to. I plan to have two hose bibs off of each side. One for the drip irrigation and one for those automatic scarecrow spriklers -
or similar brand.
FINALLY TO MY QUESTIONS. What fittings from the sch 40 1-1/4 pvc to 1/2" bib faucets.
My initial thoughts are a red brass or stainless steel fnpt reducer from 1-1/4" down to 3/4". Then connect a 3/4" to 1/2" hose bib on each side of the path - something like this -
I have other questions I haven't figured out yet like, what is an easy way to shut off those scarecrows when I want to work in the garden. The thought of turning off a master valve every time I want to work in the garden just doesn't sit well with me. I can also see me disabling them and forgetting to turn them back on or the reverse and I get blasted with water. I also need to figure out some timing device maybe like an Orbit for the drip hoses. I've used the Orbit's before for lawn sprinklers. I'll need something that can stand the weather. I wish the scarecrows had an off switch or remote control. It's also possible that I won't use the scarecrows and just go with an 8 foot fence for the deer. But I will still have to worry about birds; particularly crows. I'd love any advice about that aspect of the garden. I'd better stop typing or nobody will read this. :-)

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