My First Worm Bin

Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

I finally built my worm bin today. I put in some mushroom compost and 3 cups of red wigglers that I got at the bait and tackle store. I had a few unused 5 gallon buckets. The blue bucket is the half bucket.
I added the half bucket on top for easy adding of the scraps. I can just lift the half bucket to add the scraps.
I used this youtube video.

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Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

This is also a good worm bin video.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I like that 5-bucket idea, first time I have seen it.

Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

It's been 5 days and they have not tried to crawl out. They must like the mushroom compost.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I watched your second link. She seem very knowledgeable (worm farmer)

Another youtube video came up with a bin from NZ. Of course the fancy plastic system shows it loaded with about ten pounds of fresh food waste. and when he releases the bottom harvest tray, it comes off with a neat perfect load of perfect castings. You have to be a skeptic when watching Yuotube videos!

Natick, MA

What is the going rate for red wigglers at your bait and tackle store?
Just curious....

Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

The bait and tackle in my area sell them for $4.00 a 10oz cup of worms in coir.

Natick, MA

I have watched a video or two with someone using a plastic bin with lots of layers of cardboard and such. I have kind of been itching to try this! But my husband thinks I've already gone overboard - LOL! Maybe in the near future........I would love to hear your progress.

South Florida, FL(Zone 10b)

You have to be careful with the paper and cardboard and such. You will notice, if you read a lot into it, a lot of people talking about their worms attempting to escape from their bins. A lot of this is due to non-natural "bedding". Worms don't naturally live in all paper and cardboard. They can be used in moderation later on, but if you dump a batch of new worms into a new bin with too much paper, you will likely see a lot of worms trying to get out.

Hobart, IN

Even following the instructions that came with my purchased worm tower, using newspaper (never cardboard) and coir for bedding, my worms have always tried to escape. But maybe "escape" is the wrong word to use - maybe roaming or exploring?

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