Its been a long time and I wanted to say hello!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

Sorry about leaving abruptly back in 2008 but we had some family crisis' that are now all better! I have thought about many of you over the last 7 years and now glad I am back and wanted to say hello.


Saint Simons Island, GA(Zone 9a)

Hi. I didn't know you then, Don, but I joined in 2008 and then was absent for some time and just rejoined this month. I am happy to be back as well. We have relocated from Kentucky to southern coastal Georgia and we are also in zone 9A, although I really thought it was 8B until I looked at the maps again as I signed up. Live and learn, which is what I hope to do as I reacquaint myself with gardening. Martha

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi Martha and thanks for the response! Well I too have moved from Phoenix to Winston Salem, NC Zone 7b. I wish you much happiness and success in Georgia....


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Welcome to both of you. We are always glad to see new people joining our little group.

Gilbert, AZ


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