Happenstance (Candy Fagerlin)

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Candy Fagerlin, known to us as Happenstance, joined us on August 22, 2003. She was such a force, tirelessly working in PlantFiles and was one of our original UBER gardeners and added over 1,200 plants, over 300 comments and over 1,900 images as well as checking off more than 7,100 details and nearly 1,400 ZIP code reports. Many of her contributions are succulents and other plants that do well in California's unique climate.

"There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling." ~Mirabel Osler

She was a natural teacher and many of us were grateful for her love of sharing.

Here's what her daughter had to say:

This is Candy's daughter posting in her stead. I am sad to announce that my Mom passed away at 11:30am on October 31 after a year long fight against breast cancer. Our family will miss everything about her that you knew, and so much more about her that only we were lucky enough to experience.
She was feisty, obsessive, driven, no-nonsense, and she made her physical world and her online world places of beauty for her own enjoyment. In the process, she inspired others to enjoy the things in life that brought her so much pleasure. She was devoted to her family, especially her grandchildren who she indulged in a typical grandmotherly "nothing is too good, too rich, or too expensive for my grandkids" fashion. We will all miss her so much.
She never met a vintage dish she didn't like (except maybe Fiesta in Peacock, Heather, or Evergreen - three colors which she said "should never have been conceived"), she never met a plant that she didn't like or couldn't grow (except the boxwood edging that was the bane of her existence for the last 8 years due to patchy/poor soil conditions), and she found beauty and inspiration in nearly everything she set her eyes on.
She was a very private person, but she spoke often of her dish, tablecloth, and plant friends, and found so much joy in making connections with others who shared her passions. We plan to reach out to some of you over the next few months to years as we start to go through her vast collections and make sure her special pieces go to people who will appreciate them as much as she did. Having access to her blog and her Facebook page is such a gift during this time. We can go back and revisit the posts to see how she interacted with and enjoyed the material things in her life, and we can eavesdrop on her conversations with you and feel like we still have a part of her with us.
Before her passing, we discussed charitable donations in her memory. None of the typical charitable organizations related to cancer felt "right" to her, but the suggestion of donations to her Grandson's school prompted her to say, "that's the best idea I've heard yet!". The Anova Center for Education ([[email protected]]) is a school that provides K-12 education for kids with autism. Candy helped raise Nate during the first 3 years of his life (and beyond), and worked tirelessly with flashcards and sign language to get him "to say just ONE word". His first reliable words were for colors, which she taught him using pictures of Fiesta, of course.
While I don't have my Mom's knack for tablescapes and color combinations, nor her depth of knowledge about vintage tablecloths and dishware, I plan to post here now and then in her memory. This way, we can all revisit her beautiful photography and her blogposts (http://www.thelittleroundtable.com/), just as she enjoyed watching her favorite period-piece TV series and movies over and over again, enjoying the decor, the clothing, the gardens, and, of course, the dishes...

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Concord, NC

May Her Many Contributions Always be Enjoyed and Remembered Here for Years to Come By Millions of Thankful Readers and Researchers and May Her Family be Happy with Fond Memories of Her and Knowing that Others Appreciated Her Passions and Many Extremely Meaningful and Beautiful Contributions in Life.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

What a beautiful tribute!

Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

I'm so sad to read that Happenstance has passed away. My condolances to her family, her loss is felt in the beautiful tribute by her daughter.

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