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Hong Kong Orchid leaf trouble

Carlsbad, CA

Anyone know what I can do about my Hong Kong Orchid tree's leaves turning brown and dying? See Photo.


Thumbnail by Redgerm
Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Can you describe where it is living (sun/shade, temperatures), watering (frequency, and water quality), soil type , if there are plants around it and anything else that comes to mind?

When the edges of a leaf burn like that there are several things it could be, and some are related to each other.

Salt burn, for example is not just salt (NaCl) but could be from fertilizer, poor water quality (high in minerals), or not enough water to flush these things out of the root zone.

Not getting enough water can make leaves look like this, too. Perhaps it went dry long enough to start to damage the leaves, then it got enough water to start to recover.

It is not impossible that pesticide (herbicide) could damage leaves, especially the mottled yellow and green part.

Palm City, FL

I have noticed that my mature Hong Kong Orchid tree has yellowing leaves and falling to ground. It is still blooming. No evidence of bugs. I fertilize with a triple 10, any help?

Thumbnail by Debbert

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