Major Historic Iris Hybridizer's ALL Cultivars in PF!

Concord, NC

ALL of the Major Historic Bearded Iris Hybridizer's Cultivars' are Now in PlantFiles With Correct Dates and Bloomtimes and Can be Found in a Hybridizer Search in Specific Search. With the Help of DaylilySLP we have tried our best the Last 2 years to Eradicate Data Errors, Plug in Incomplete Data, Typos, Name Misspellings and Move any Inaccuate or Wrong Cultivar photos to the Correct Spots with the help of those gardens who submitted or created them who we are Greatful to for their beautiful submissions and photos and help making our databses of Historic Irises and Daylilies the most Accurate and Only one with a Hybridizer Search where we have been completeing the missisng cultivars for all of the Major Historic Breeders.

The Following Complete Hybridizers Irises can be Found with Correct Dates and Bloomtimes:
First 50 or so.gonna have to do these 40-50 at a time as only so much fit on a page bwahaha :)

Grinter USA Missouri
Pilkington England
Ware England
Wareham USA Ohio
Pesel England
Faught USA Illinois
Varner USA Colorodo
Andrews USA Colorodo
Graves USA New Hampshire
Nesmith USA Massachusetts and Tennessee
Reckamp USA Illinois
Brehm USA Washington State
Mitsch USA Oregon
Preston Canada, Quebec
Craigie Canada, Ontario
Shull USA Maryland
Mckee USA Massachusetts
Milliken USA California
Carpenter USA Kentucky
Daling USA Washington State
Connell USA Tennessee
Innes USA Washington State
Linse, J. USA Washington State
Maxwell USA Washington State
Norton USA Washington State
Morgan Canada, Quebec
Dykes, Katherine England
Dykes, W.R. England
Morrison, B.Y. USA Washington D.C
DeForest, Caroline USA Oregon
DeForest Fred USA Oregon
Wayman USA New York State
Washington, T.A. USA Tennessee
Caldwell, C. USA New Jersey
Caldwell, R. Australia, Queensland
Caldwell, W. USA Tennessee
Callis USA Missouri
Covert, A.H. USA Kansas
Hardee, E. Mrs. USA California
Horton USA Indiana
Murawaska USA Illinois
Williams, T.A, USA Tennessee
Douglas, Geddes. USA Tennessee
Cook, P.H. USA Indiana Finishing Bloomtimes 2015
Williamson E.B. USA Indiana
Lewis, C. USA Kansas
Stahlman USA Tennessee
Fryer, W.J USA Minnesota
Gersdorff USA Washington D.C and Indiana

Lent A Williamson 1918 by E.B. Williamson of Indiana, Growing in My Son's Garden Here in NC.

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Concord, NC


Gage USA Massachusetts
Lapham USA Indiana
Tharp USA Idaho
Hager, Ben USA Louisiana
Bunyard, G and Co. England
Barnewitz, Fred USA California
Gaulter USA California
Hamblen, Melba USA Utah
Berry USA California
Muhlestein USA Utah
Stevens, J.B. New Zealand
Gibson and Amos Ltd. England
Gibson, James USA California
Noyd, Luella USA Washington State
Van Houtte Belgium
Smith, C & K. New York City, Staten Island
Whiting USA Iowa
Wills USA Tennessee
Salbach USA California
Mitchell USA California
Mohr USA California
Craig USA California In Progress of Completion 2015
Morris, Cedric England
Essig USA California
Bliss England
Foster, Michael, Sir England
Goos & Koenemann Germany
Hall, David USA Illinois, Chicago
Insole, Violet UK, Wales
Sass, Hans USA Nebraska
Sass, Jacob USA Nebraska
Sass Bros USA Nebraska
Hall, C USA Pennsylvania
Hall, N England
Murrel England
Farr USA Pennsylvania
Barr England
Salter England
Yeld England
Kleinsorge USA Oregon
Vilmorin France
Sturtevant Grace USA Massachusetts
Ayres USA Ohio Very Proud of this one
Grant USA Kentucky
Kirkland USA Tennessee
Denis France
Douglas, M. E. USA New Jersey
Weed USA Oregon
Verdier France

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Concord, NC


E. Turbat and Goulchault, J Estates France
Nichols, New York State, Ithaca and Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Baker, G. P. England
Perry, Amos England Very Proud of these
Millet & Fils Very Proud of These
Cayeux, Ferdinand Very Proud of these
Caparne England
Crandall, Fred USA Washington State
Lemon France
Fay USA Illinois
Loomis USA Colorodo
Lyons, Ray USA Colorodo
Steinmetz, Karl USA Tennessee
Austin, Lloyd USA California Most Complete on Internet :-)
Schreiner USA Minnesota and Oregon

This Month Finishing up Luella Noyd of Washington State, Eva Smith of Idaho, Spender of England, Jack Linse of Washington State, Gibson, Rudolph, Wallace of England and B.R. Long of England. and those Cook, Kleinsorge and Craig and Fred Deforest ones that need finishing up.

Most Complete List with Bloomtimes and Dates on Internet. Every Historic Iris Hybridizer list ive seen on wiki iris is currently missing cultivars they forgot to link to the list pages by hybridizer some one or two other dozens! When we left HIPS in 2012 they were adding pics of iris and data pages for those pics by letter a year! when we joined in 2011 they were on the letter R in 2013 T. thats a Letter a Year..there are 26 letters in the alphabet.. at that rate when they get back to letter A it will only take them 26 more years to complete the Alphabet of Iris again.

Enjoy. Always searching for more old Hybridizers. Always more to Find and Improve the Site with..more and more complete all the time and more and more pictures with everyones help.this site is still a Magic Place for Iris and Daylilies and Will Continue to be :)

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Concord, NC

OMG i almost forgot All of the Schreiner's Iris have been here for the Longest Time. Waybefore i ever got here. Thanks to Carlos in Chicago and Everyone Else here who helped Build All of those 800+ in Our Database! :) Let me stress the word 'Our'! This Database is Everybodies! Every Single DG Members! :) I like to Know this is a Down to Earth Place Where Everyone is Welcome and can Freely and Openly Share and is Encouraged to Contribute with Support From Senior Members and New Members Alike :-)

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

themikesmom, did you put all of those into the PlantFiles? Wow!

Concord, NC

yes..most of them anyway as most of these hybridizers only had one or two entries existing in plantfiles when i started in 2012 adding the missing cultivars for each one with the bloomtimes.i think the Sass of Nebraska ones had the most entries already about 45 and the Ferdinand Cayeux ones also around 40 or so :-) check out how many Historic Tennessee Iris Hybridizers their are I did a write up about the History of All of them on the 'Dauntless' Iris Entry by Connell of Nashville Quite a few Dykes Medal Winners Created in Tennessee Including Mary Geddes by Washington-Stahleman and Copper Luster by James Kirkland. Connell Also Created Over 325 Vaieties of Daylilies..Including 'Dark Star' 1953 Our Very Favorite Spider Daylily. Just recieved Marse Connell named after his wife hope to take some pics of it when it blooms this Summer.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Great! Wonderful that you are doing this. Keep it up, please. How many Iris do you grow?

Concord, NC

i dont like to put a number on amount as just greatful we have a place with front and back yard and sides of driveway to pack them onto..gonna have to start limiting iris and daylily orders from here on out as running out of room as all this stuff from about 8 years of orders divides every year..all the ones currently growing we have, minus this year's main orders placed in January that are not yet in my garden journal, are on my main page garden journal here at DG. If my son,s grandmother were alive she would be proud of how well he takes care of all of our plants even with all of his debilitating health proplems. My mother did not grow lots and lots of plants, as we do, as when i was growing up as siblings and i came first, but what little she did have in terms of plants always glowed as it was a reflection of her and her kind nice soul.

Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Wonderful. GBY. Generations to come with thank your efforts.

Concord, NC

Thank-You For Your Kind Words and Friendship Mittsy ! and Cville_Gardener ! i Must Express my Gratitude and Greatfullnes to the Both of You :-)

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

You're welcome!

Concord, NC

All the Luella Noyd of Washington State ones now in PF and Finishing up Fred Deforest and M.E Douglas of New Jersey. Everytime I add three more Hybridizers of Historics Iris I'll Edit the top three Pages on this thread to add them there so theirs gonna be alot of way i dont have to type new message to pull up the thread all the time for everyone or have it look like im seeking pat on the back.. and it will be more convenient for members to see them all on first three pages of the Thread.

Concord, NC

Added Schreiner of Minnesota and Oregon, Jack Linse of Washington State creator of Arilbred Butterfly Wings, and Milliken of California the creator off China Maid to the List :) Gibson and Also Craig of California will soon be completed as well..these are Huge Projects, then C.G White's Arilbreds' are the only Major Historic Hybridizers Irises that remain to be completed. :)

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Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Thank you for all you are doing! You are checking to make sure they aren't already in the database before adding them, right? I'm sure you are, but I haven't had a chance to look at the duplicate entry report for awhile.

Concord, NC

thats the whole point...finding out what already in Plantfiles and then im going back plugging in the ones that aren't yet in the each hybridizer's irises are complete.

Concord, NC

Ive not stopped working on these..i just added Wareham of Ohio, Ware of England and Hardee of California. I thought i had done all of the Major British Hybridizers but i had forgotten G. P. Baker so Doing those one's now, as well as Fred Crandall the creator of Speckled Bird..Karl Steinmetz of Tennessee's.. Danenhauer and C.G White's Arilbred's and T.B's are in the Works for the rest of this month.

Concord, NC

Just Added VIOLET INSOLE'S Irises'. She was From Wales, UK the ancient homeland of Merlin. She Created DOGROSE our very favorite pink historic iris. It's fragrance is of heavenly perfume.. kind of a lily of the valley to vanilla fragrance/scent. Amazing Height at having 48'' tall scapes. Basically a true pink pallida to grow among the lavender blue palllida dalmatica sweet iris. It is Magic. 'Golden Flare' is one we dont grow that is a beautiful glowing bronze tinge and 'Jane Austin' a Cream to white is still thought to possibly be in existence. Only 3 of Her Registered ones left then apparently..glad i have Dogrose it brings alot of joy here. a shame 'Queen of Sheba' is no longer thought to be in existence as it was supposed to be like Sambucina or Gypsy Queen on Steroids and Incredible height and bud count. So Out of only 12 registered ones she created which are now all in plantfiles.. i guess 3 left 90 years later is a pretty good legacy.

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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks so much for all your hard work and research. It is sad that so many of the early irises are no longer available. The fragrance is especially missed in a lot of the modern ones.

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