Rain Barrel

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

If you live near Newnan Georgia the Lowes there has there 65 gallon rain barrels with hardware for $50.00. They usually sell for over $100.00. I have wanted a rain barrel, but they were too Pricey for me. At this price I was able to get 2.

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Decatur, GA

Try Craig's list - search barrel. You come up with tons of rain barrels for sale. I think if you use reasonable caution you should find a safe place to get one.
You do have to put holes and attach a spigot but I got mine put together without much problem if you are somewhat handy and with the help of the helpful hardware men. They know what to sell you to make it work.
I put mine on boards that are on cement blocks, high enough to get the watering can under the spigot.
Its easy and MUCH less expensive than the ones they sell. Good luck.

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