Hummingbird Fountain

(Chris), IA(Zone 5a)

Good morning :)

Has anyone bought one of these fountains for the hummers? If so, do the hummers actually use it? I'd never heard of them before!

Thanks :)

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Cant see a thing, they might use it if its where nothing scares em...

(Chris), IA(Zone 5a)

Sorry, I'm not sure what they look like - this pic is one from a FB group that I'm part of. They use distilled water in it - I thought it was just a normal water fountain, but they say the hummers come to it (insert confused look!)

Thumbnail by Dragonflys4me
Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Hummers are prone to playing in water sprinklers, fountains, I will need to check that picture out, chuckl, yes, they need water in hot weather just as other birds. And bees. Though bees need surfaces damp- floating, or trickled or they drown in a dewdrop. Interesting picture. If hummers are in the area, fresh water draws them as fast as scented nectaring flowers- esp if you are having a drougth!

(Chris), IA(Zone 5a)

Interesting - I may have to go looking for a fountain myself :)

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

The distilled water is to keep the limestone deposits and other sediment from clogging the water flow. My daughter filters the water in her cat fountain as well as keeps fresh filters in it since our water is from deep limestone wells, and we still have to scrape the deposits off.
Luck on the fountains- some of our members make their own concrete fountains...

Edinburg, TX

They zip through the sprinklers out here. I sometimes hang a garden hose over a tree with the sprayer set to mist and they'll perch on the branches to bath and preen themselves. They seem to enjoy it with our 100 degree plus temps!

Back when I grew chalice vine I'd see them taking a morning bath from the morning dew on the huge leaves - they'd rub themselves back and forth on the leaves and preen themselves all the while happily chirping away.

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

Hummers really like light rain and I've watched them sit and preen for long stretches while it's sprinkling out. Sprinklers might work if they're set on a light spray.

I have a standing mister that you attach to a hose (available at some garden stores, home centers and online). If it's not a windy day that blows the mist away, they enjoy it and will fly through the mist (sometimes other birds enjoy it as well). Mine was about $7 or $8 several years ago.

Hummers also enjoy "sliding" around on wet leaves using them like a tiny birdbath. It's pretty funny to watch.

This mister from Home Depot is very similar to the one I have. It's also great for people on a very hot day!

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