I'm stuck with erosion control mat but need to get to soil

Elkhorn, NE

Help, need some good advice!

Moved to a new home last year -it's up on a steep hill. So, planted a cover crop on back of hill (1/3 acre) to hopefully make the fill dirt into healthier soil so this spring I can seed a naturalized prairie flower meadow for my region (Nebraska Zone 5) But.... we used an erosion control mat to keep to cover crop seed down (didn't think this through...) so now tilling or drilling the seed is pretty much impossible because of that twine from the mat getting caught up in the till tines.

There is a good thatch of plant material on hill. Cover crop did it's job well. But -it's already starting to green up in areas from reseeding I'm sure...so I need to get going on this but really stuck on how to proceed.

Any ideas?

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Maybe mow down the cover crop, then seed something else thickly, or something that will reseed heavily. If you plant a lot of it near the top of the slope, you might rely on gravity to carry seeds downhill.

Hopefully it will out-compete the cover crop (over a few years?).

Also hopefully the mat will decay over time.

Lynnwood, WA

depending upon the timing, you could always apply wood chips and push aside to replant. Though a 1/3 of an acre can be sizable you could use a pitch fork to create planting holes throughout the area or select manageable areas and seed as needed. Sounds like it could be a fun project

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