Pelargonium dasycaulon

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

I have had my Pelargonium dasycaulon for almost two years. I have discovered it is a "winter grower". I think maybe it is considered a sort of caudiciform, so I have chosen this forum to ask my questions:
1-this winter I watered it more than before, about twice a week. It has grown much better and is quite lush. However, it has fallen over. It started displaying this tendency as soon as I bought it, and when I potted it up I angled it so it was growing up like a palm tree. It has no soft spot on the stem, so does not seem to have the dreaded rot. Now winter is ending. Should I pot it up and try again to make it seem upright? New growth is now aimed up, and there is this little sprout near the base, aimed directly upwards, so maybe I should let that take over?
2-If you look at where it emerges from the soil it seems very fat. Do I let this show more and have a big fat caudex on this species?
3-winter is now ending, but it is growing very strongly with lots of new buds. Should I pot it up now or wait until fall?
4-I have the heavy horizontal stem now propped on a neighboring glazed clay pot. Is there a better way?

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Decatur, GA

I have never had a Pelargonium. But with plants in general I don't repot unless there is a good reason - if its been in a pot for years or is too heavy for the pot and is tipping over or its just gotten too big and root bound.
Since your plant is growing well I would leave it alone. I would also let it grow the way it wants to and not try and make it an upright plant if it seems to want to fall over. But these are just my preferences and if you want to do something different I don't think there is any harm. Just don't over water it. I would also do some research and find out it's water requirements for the 'dormant' summer period. Good luck.
The plant looks good with nice new growth.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I agree with Helen. The soil and pot looks very good for it. You have some nice new growth starting from several areas so give it time and it may balance out. If it doesn't you can always trim it later. Pelargoniums are winter growers and definitely rest in the summer when they need a lot less water. I wouldn't raise it out of the soil now. It looks fine where it is. These plants do get very think stems and kind of a caudex but yours is a small plant and needs time.

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