Tea Room 129

Christchurch, New Zealand

we haven't had a tea room for a while, so I thought I'd reopen & see if I can tempt you all in for a virtual cuppa & a chat. :)

cheers - Teresa

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Christchurch, New Zealand

I have been prowling the garden section of The Warehouse and spotted some nice orphans that were in need of just a little tlc.

Once I deadheaded the plants they looked perfectly fine...

I'm hoping to find some cyclamens in the next few months, right now they are all at full price & looking nice as they just arrived in from the nursery.
Won't take long before they start looking less than desirable & that's when I have a chance to add to my woodland garden on the cheap.
Only risk is that they tend to over water their plants & some of the bargain buys have started to rot before they are marked down.

pic 1 - bought this more for the pot - the shallow bowl I had ideas of planting with succulents but after deadheading the plant flowered & is rather pretty so it can stay.
pic 2 - close up of the flower - don't actually know what it is.
Pic 3 - close up of the fuchsia
Pic 4 - my other orphan was this fuchsia in a hanging pot.

cheers - Teresa

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Merino, Australia

Hello Teresa.
thanks for reopening the Tea Room.
I enjoyed it all before, but people started dropping out until there were only about 3 of us. I also had Hubby to look after so wasnt getting on the computer so much myself.
It gradually drifted until it became changed into just another garden thread.
I hope there are a few people out there who will join in again.
Love the pretty orphans you found. I used to always look for the orphan table in any plant places, but you are right about a lot being not worth saving as they are already rotting.
I have bought plants that have been so rootbound, I have had to use a tomahawk to attack the roots just to open them up a bit so water can get in.
There has been no soil left so plants were not getting a drink.

I think there are a lot of nurseries and plant departments in large stores that mean well in having plants, but have no idea of what to do. The plants should be checked before going on sale as there are so many that wont survive in a garden once bought.
I'm not talking about the orphans here, but the ones in general sale. Its sad to buy a lovely looking plant only to find its potbound or just so overwatered ( or under watered), that it is going to die.

Better get off my soapbox....lol
I just get annoyed at places selling plants they know nothing about, so how are the customers going to know ?

Its a lovely Autumn morning here and I have been for my walk.
Now its time for breakfast and maybe watering the pots. Its overcast now after the sun tried to come out, but no sign of rain.

Hope we see a few faces back in here later.
pic is my latest painting done with palette knife.


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Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - that painting is terrific!
You have such a talent there.

I totally agree with you about these stores that sell plants without having anyone trained in their care to advise shoppers.
The Warehouse here will sell Gardenias - but those are not frost hardy so it is deceptive to have them displayed in the outdoor area.

The other one I have seen for sale is Heliotrope but with no warning about how toxic it is to pets... and children.

Dog training this morning & aside from a fresh Easterly breeze it was lovely.
Sugar had a good run with her buddy Tussock the Huntaway & then put some good work into doing the Rally-O course.

Take care - Teresa

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hi everybody, I was flying high for a while , then went into the 'doldrums' again.. Lily seedlings growing well in the back of the truck.. Heres a cheer up pic

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hello Jean and Teresa,

How nice you reopened the tea room door, Teresa. Your lovely pink bloom is a snapdragon,Antirrhinum. My kids loved to pick an individual flower and wear them as decorations. If you gently squeeze the flower mouth.where the petals meet, between thumb and forefinger, they petals "snap" like a dragon's mouth.


Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Hi everyone, I am still around but getting tired of our long, hot Brisbane summer and hanging out for cooler weather so I can enjoy time in the garden again. Meantime just keeping plants watered and alive is a challenge. I have even got myself a good campers headlamp so I can do some work in the garden in the evenings when it is a little cooler. Also got some good mossie spray as I am one of those people who don't feel or react to bites so don't know if I am being bitten. It is called Bushmans and it smells way better than some of the cheaper ones I've used before too. Jean you are doing well with your palette knife skills, I would never be able to do anything as detailed as the scene you've done with one. I agree with the comments about stores that should not sell plants and my local Aldi is another one. I don't know how they manage to make their plants look so sick so quickly. Your lilies are very beautiful Anthony and I hope your doldrums don't last too long, I know how that can feel. My adenium (desert rose) seed pod finally split yesterday so I have heaps of lovely fresh seed to plant. Good thing I had a pantyhose sleeve over the pod or they would have all sailed away. A brush turkey chick has moved into my garden and taken up residence for the past week. I am thinking that cute as it is too keep meeting up with it in my garden it is already very destructive and as yet it only has small feet. It keeps digging through the mulch around my plants and leaving them with their roots exposed. I know it's only looking for insects and worms but I am now getting worried about it staying. Any suggestions anyone?

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Anthony - sorry to hear you've been in the doldrums...
those are lovely lilies, love the white ones with 'freckles'.
Would you believe I have a lily with flower buds!?
It is right next to the lilies with seed pods. I'm hoping it flowers before the weather turns too cold.

Hi Moon - I thought the flower looked like a snapdragon - but it is such a low growing plant & only single flowers so I wan't sure.
It looks like it will grow from cuttings, I have a few planted to see if next summer I can have a grouping of them.
Ditto the Fuchsia - but any cuttings I can grow are destined to be gifted to friends & family.

Magpie - One of the things I don't miss about Brisbane is those mozzies!
And from what I have heard about those scrub turkeys you really don't want one taking up residence in the garden.
We had a member of this group in Brisbane who lived above the river & her garden was constantly being trashed by the pesky but protected birds.
Wire netting seemed to help - even in pots as the turkeys would scratch everything out of those as well.
Having seen a nest mound when I was on holiday a couple of years back I am grateful we don't have anything bigger than blackbirds & thrushes scratching around the garden.

cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's a cold, wet, miserable day here...

I'm sure we need the rain after being in drought for most of summer but the cold...

no thanks.

Mind you I think for those who brave the weather later a meal of Irish stew washed down with a Guinness will be more enjoyable than if it was 28C.

Cheers - Teresa

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Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

I haven't had the brush turkey get into one of my pots yet but it will definitely have to be relocated as going around my garden replacing the soil and mulch around my plants is becoming a pain. It is hard to believe such a small chick can do all that damage in a day. We are still having temperatures in the 30's and mid 30's even but it must stop soon. My tropical veges seem to be enjoying it, I cut the Ceylon or malabar spinach back to the ground and it's over a metre high again already. I will have to see what the jicama has produced in the next few weeks. It is supposed to be a good time to establish new plants here but it is still too hot I feel although I have put in a few bought from the Ipswich plant expo, so much temptation there. We had a nice drop of rain overnight so my little tank is full again which I'm pleased about as I'm sure the potted plants much prefer to be watered with rain water than tap water.

Christchurch, New Zealand

our drought has well & truly broken...
more heavy rain last night and from the looks of the sky we are in for more today.

It has cooled down so much we had the pellet fire on the last two nights.
Just keeping fingers crossed that we don't start getting frosts too soon, rural areas need some time for the grass to grow now they have the rain.

I can hear chain saws out side & need to go have a sticky beak and see if they are finally trimming the street trees away form the power lines...
if so I am going to suggest they cut back my oak tree twice as much as usual as it just grows so fast it's back into the lines in no time.

cheers - Teresa

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Hello again, just popped in to say "Hi". Promise I won't dominate your thread.

We're just entering Spring here, it's been a long cold winter with a ton of snow in the mountains. It's slowly burning off and I've got my onion seeds started on the window shelf. Hopefully they will be pencil size by mid-May. Pepper and tomato seeds will start soon.

Glad to see the familiar crowd, it's been awhile..


Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Hi Al, hard to imagine your winter and snow as it is 95 F here and there is more like this to come. It should be starting to cool off as we move into autumn but it is not happening. I enjoy the winters here and that is when I spend most of my time in the garden as the summers are just too hot. I originally come from Christchurch, New Zealand where Teresa lives so I know what snow is like although we didn't get a lot of it. Good for you getting your seeds started indoors so you will have a head start when it is warm enough to plant outdoors. I used to spend the winters in Christchurch pouring over plant and seed catalogues planning what I'd grow come spring. It was quite a steep learning curve moving to a subtropical climate to garden. No more English cottage garden plants or spring bulbs. Now I am trying to establish a tropical garden instead. My vegetable garden consists of about of raised bed and in the height of summer I can only grow tropical vegetables like snake beans and malabar spinach and I have also tried jicama this season. Surprisingly my spinach has survived the heat and the capsicums and chillies thrive if I can keep the water up to them.
Teresa did you manage to get your oak tree trimmed. Sounds like your move into autumn has been quite sudden. I hope the frosts do hold off for long enough.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Al, great to see you back.
Don't worry about dominating the thread - as we go into winter it will be great to see what you are doing in your garden...

I went & sussed out what was going on with the chainsaw crew.
They were trimming street trees and were only one house away from mine.
I decided to do a bit of gardening since the sun was shining & that way be handy to ask them if they could trim the oak a bit harder.
And then they went to lunch... and they haven't come back!

The bit of garden at the front where our chimney was rebuilt looks much tidier now & I swept all the fallen leaves off the path, planted some silver beet, pulled a heap of weeds & the lettuce that had gone to seed, I have some seed in an envelope and will be sure to get loads of volunteers come up.

Another grey day today but I have to try & get motivated to dig some seedling hellebores as I promised some to a friend and to my Mum.
One of the things I love about gardening is sharing plants I have propagated - even if the plants really did all the work :)

The seed pods on my lilies are looking good, I will save some to nurture with seed raising mix etc. The extra I may throw around the garden & see what happens.
Since the big trees were cut down at the front I have some nice areas that actually get the sun now... it could be fun to have random lilies popping up.

I threw nemesia & candy tuft seeds about in the newly sunny areas. Those two plants seldom disappoint when it comes to germinating.

cheers all - Teresa

Merino, Australia

good morning all.
I have just been for my morning walk in beautiful autumn sunshine.
No wind and not hot, just pleasant to be out without a jumper.
It will soon be getting a lot colder and wet, but I hope to continue my walks as long as the weather isnt too bad.
One can sticky beak at all the gardens and see what is growing around the place.
Sadly , there are a lot of old houses that are empty and gardens neglected, as this small town is one of the older ones around the district, so as the local industries went, so did the younger people. It is mainly an old peoples place now with lots of retirement units .
We are lucky to have one of the best hospitals with attached nursing home . It is only a few years old and was a wonderful place for my dear hubby until he passed on.

Now that my garden is so small , I am getting used to it instead of the 2 acres we had at the house. A lot easier to manage even if I miss all the different plants.

Teresa,I hope the tree trimmers came back and you had your tree cut back lower.
I found over the years that some of the tree trimmers are so hopeless at doing what should be done with trees.
I hate to see some of the butchered trees around here.
Down in the next town there are some beautiful large Pin Oaks . They get chopped into an L shape to go around the wires.
Over further is a small place with a lovely avenue of what we call Lilac trees but they are no relation . I have no idea what the real name is but they get chopped back to a flat pancake every year. They are a pretty tree which never grows extra large, just high enough to reach the wires.
You will see lots of places where trees are just hacked off into weird shapes regardless of where or what they are.
I have often thought it would be cheaper for councils and electricity companies to just replace street trees with smaller ones that never need pruning.

Al, lovely to see you back now that Teresa revived the Tea Room.
Please drop in any time . You will not be hogging the thread. We like to hear about whats going on elsewhere.

Magpie, if I was you I would be working hard to discourage that brush turkey. Once they decide they want a place , you will end up with a large family of them. They are ruinous to gardens.
A friend in Qld, was plagued with the darn things which do untold damage everywhere.

Moon, how are things over your way ? Nice to say hello again.
I will try to drop in more often.
I am off to the shops now and will be back at my painting later.
I have started a new one and always want to get into it to see how it will evolve.

Take care everyone
a couple of my roses here at the unit.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Lovely roses Jean. I also wanted to say how much I liked your paintings.

My weather is a bit ahead of Al's.. We are having temps ranging from 22C to 25C during the day and 14C to 17C at night. I have tomato and capsicum plants ready to go into the ground as soon as the night temps stay above 15C. Kind of limited with what I can do right now. May have to have surgery on both hands to repair some tendon/nerve damage. Beyond that all seems to be progressing as it should.

Hope the tree fellows returned Teresa. Seems that Sugar is progressing nicely. Glad to see, she is a lovely pup.

Time to get supper on. So nice to be in the Tea Room again.

Christchurch, New Zealand

well the tree guys never came back.
Very annoying as I paid quite a bit to have 3 other trees taken out as they were interfering with the power lines.
I'd have included the oak but it was well below the lines at that stage... then in spring it went mad & rocketed up.

We went to an Expo today - was home & living but not much there to see...
had hoped for some kitchen ideas but only 2 on display.
There were more bathrooms there but we have don't that already.

There were a few things of interest, we chatted to one guy about fencing as we still have to get the back wall sorted.
The other one I liked is a driveway system, you put down the panels that are a bit like honeycomb & storp the gravel from slipping about.
Also has a tough base fabric that stops the weeds.
I think it would be ideal for our driveway which right now is a rutted, pot holed mess.
It was not great before the earthquakes but the trucks on it during the repair work made it far worse...

cheers - Teresa

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Jean your two roses pictured look beautiful and very healthy. I don't know how you managed to take care of two acres as long as you did. I am trying to figure how I can catch the brush turkey chick so I can locate it elsewhere. He/she is getting used to me being around and I can get as close as a metre from it before it moves. I have a net cloth for covering food on a table and might try a throw and pounce with that. Wet and stormy though so not today. Lovely to get a good drop of rain.
Teresa what a shame the tree guys didn't come back. The driveway system you mention sounds interesting, don't forget to take a photo if you do it.
Been sowing some poppy seeds and the adenium seeds from my plant, was planning to have a day sowing seeds and repotting plants until the rain started and I got drenched. Maybe tomorrow.

Christchurch, New Zealand


that is the link to the company that was at the expo, there are other versions out there on the market.

I collected the lily seed from my Royal Sunset X Noid Yellow this afternoon.
Some is in an envelope ready to be pampered & hopefully give me seedlings next year.
And some seed escaped & is on the garden.

The same cross done in the reverse is yet to ripen, I have two pods there looking fat & happy.

My gold trumpet lily pods are still green as is the pod on the Xmas lily that I fertilised with pollen from the gold trumpet.

I keep checking but I guess it's like the proverbial watched pot.

I have several good looking cuttings from my orphan plants, keeping them pampered for now.
It will be nice to have a few different things to spread around the garden come next spring.

cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sugar had her first trip to the beach yesterday & had a great time.
I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so the only photos are the ones I took using my phone.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

It doesn't seem to have bothered Sugar at all that you had to use your phone....she seems quite taken with the water and open space to run.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sugar had a blast - there were lots of friendly dogs to play with, she even joined in and fetched a stick for a chap who was throwing it for his border collie.

I was surprised as normally Sugar won't pick up anything floating in the water.

It was lovely for me to see a group of White Swiss Shepherds, they are so like my first dog Haski even though he was a mix breed of GSD/Samoyed/Golden Retriever...?

I had hoped to get a pup a couple of years ago but my life changed & I didn't think it would be wise to add a puppy - now we have to decide whether to get another Dalmatian - if things go to plan Sugar should become a mother this year

I had a mother & son duo previously, Chita & Copper, and when we took on Sugar the plan was to do that again...

pic 1 - Haski
pic 2 - Chita
pic 3 - Copper

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Pretty pups....Copper had such a sweet face. It sounds like Sugar is coming in to her own. Makes it easier when they are social and not as shy.

Merino, Australia

Hello Moon & Teresa.
Just back from Hamilton where I had the last of the papers for the house signed. Its a done deal now and I can now buy my new car.
Its a relief to have it all done and the worry of the house now gone.
Hubby would be so pleased to know all that worry is history.

Now comes the looking at cars. I have never had a new car before , just old second hand ones.
I have already looked at the only 2 car yards in Hamilton and will need to go over to Mt Gambier in South Aust. for more. I looked at both Hyundai and Mitsibishi today , but will want to see plenty more before I decide.
I particularly want a nice burgundy color , but none in Hamilton.
I'll see what is in the yards at My Gambier and hopefully find a nice one in that color. I may have to settle for a nice blue otherwise.

I wish I had someone knowledgeable with newer cars.
I know all about cars before the computer era
We'll see what happens next week.

Teresa, Sugar looks very happy playing in the water.
I had to laugh to myself as I pictured her with puppies of her own after all the mischief she used to get into.

Moon, lovely to see you again.
Hope all is well over your way.

Hello to anyone else looking in
I am going to sit down with a nice cuppa now, and read all the info on the cars I saw today.


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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Hello Jean - Glad your house transaction went well, what a lift off from the mind when it's over. We downsized a bit after both retirements and have lived a lot easier since, and had a little time to travel as well.

Good luck with the car shopping. I'm a Ford fan myself, we bought an Escape (which is based on the Aussie Kuga) last year and love it dearly. It's comfortable for us oldsters, packs well for trips, and is fairly economical on fuel. There are plenty of models to choose out there, so I'm sure you'll find just the right one.


Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I forgot the pictures of my wonderful wife Ellen. I don't get to drive it much.. unless I take her on vacation.


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Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - great news about the house!

I don't drive at all - I know it would make my life easier but it has become a serious phobia and the more pressure was put on me to learn the worse my reaction became...
even thinking about driving makes me feel ill now.

Luckily for me Baz accepts my weird foibles & just leaves the subject alone.
He likes our Mondeo wagon but as far as smaller cars go he was impressed by the Hyundai i30 we hired in Aussie a few years ago - for a small car it was very comfortable on the long drives between all the aviation museums we visited :)

I've heard good things about the Honda Fit as well.

cheers - Teresa

Merino, Australia

Hello everyone.
Al, great to hear from you and nice to know you and Ellen are going well.
I bet you are well into getting ready for the Spring flowers.
Its been a lovely Autumn (Fall) here so far. Very mild and this morning the sun is just coming through the fog.

I spent yesterday looking at cars but will not rush into anything.
I have always been a Ford fan to , Al, but I am not up on all the newer cars . Have to keep looking at them all until one takes my eye.

Teresa, how is your weather going over there. Getting cold I would think , by now.

I am off to my group down at the hospital . Its great to be able to just walk down as its only about 8 mins.

Enjoy your day.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Congratulations on getting the house settled, Jean. I am sure that takes a load of care from your shoulders

Anthony might be able to advise you on the newer models...I know he is into the classic cars, but probably has a fair idea about the new models also.

Our Spring has ended....temps are hitting 25C already. Afraid it is going to be a long hot summer here at this rate.

Al, are you still getting sleet and a bit of snow up your way?

Teresa, I finally went to driving school. My father was not a patient teacher and was teaching me not only to drive, but to use a clutch and gear shift on the column. We lived in the country with no public transport....learn to drive or sit home alone...grin.

Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Indeed it is snowing right now, but the temperatures have tempered up a bit. Our ski slopes are still open for another couple of weeks or so, but will be closing soon for the season. Still bone chilling cold for us oldsters, we went south to Florida for three weeks in February. We have friends there to spend time on the beach.

My tomatoes are just now starting to peek out of their indoor flats, time to get under the light frame for the next few weeks. They'll hit the garden soil in mid-May.


Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Just a quick message as my son hired an aerator and did my lawns yesterday as parts of them had become quite compacted. Now I'm fertilising and sowing grass seed in the bare patches in the hopes they will fill in now. Teresa I just loved the pictures of Sugar at the beach as she looked like she was having a ball. Jean I'm pleased you have the house settled and hope you find the car you are looking for and someone who knows modern cars to advise you. I was lucky when my husband died as a friend of his used to service our VW Polo (That car was my husbands mistress), and this friend said he would continue to look after the Polo for me. We bought the Polo new and I have kept it (in spite of it being a manual) for that reason and because my husband loved it. It's a good time of year to get planting here in Brisbane so plants have the winter to establish before having to contend with the heat of summer. It will be time to dig up the jicama soon and see how many tubers I have and what size they are. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather as we've had an unusually hot March. The average maximum for the month have been (86.54 F) and minium (70.34 F). Hello to everyone else whose popping in to the tea room chat, it's nice to follow your news.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I am really looking forward to August, as husband Jim and I will be visiting our daughter, Jan and her family for a couple weeks. So looking forward to time with the grandsons. They were stateside in March 2013, and they grow so fast... The oldest grandson, Aidan,10, says I will be there to help him pick what will grow in his garden. I am so looking forward to that.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its a bit cloudy here , but still mild and warm.
My plants are loving the mild weather after a few very hot days through summer , where they were toasted.
The roses will look better next season as this is their first year and being in pots takes a while longer to get acclimatised.
One rose I dug up from the house has survived and is finally putting out new growth.
I forget which ones I dug now and being big plants being moved in summer, they all died off except two.
The pink Iceberg is a mass of flowers . I am hoping the other survivor is the pristine white rose, Virgo.
The brugmansias are all full of buds so that will be a perfume sensation as they open.

Moon, you will have a great time later in the year when you get to visit your daughter.
Now that the house is settled, I may take myself over to WA to see my great grandchildren.

Al, I am glad to hear that your Spring is on the way. You can keep the ice & snow. It looks pretty but I would not like to live with it.
Hope you have lots of success again with your tomatoes.

Magpie, how nice of you to be able to keep your hubbys car. I am afraid ours is showing its age and my hubby told me to sell it as it is going to need major dollars soon.

Teresa, I had to learn to drive so I could get away from a bad situation many years ago . I had an excellent ex army teacher and was able to get my licence quickly.
Best thing I ever did or I may never have been able to see so much of Australia and give the kids a chance to see it too.
Having a vehicle means I can live in the rural area that I prefer.
Funny thing was, I learned from the neighbors sons how to do things with cars , like fixing fan belts etc and was able to do more complicated things as I went on. This was way before I could drive, so probably a bit backwards to most drivers who learn about cars after they drive...lol

My Mum could never drive as she just froze when she got behind the wheel, so my first car was my Dads . After he passed away, Mum didnt want the car so I had it until it died of old age. .

Anthony, are you out there.
I know you love your cars, so maybe could give me a little advice on these modern cars.

Better get moving as I am off to look at another car yard this morning.

Take care and enjoy the day

Christchurch, New Zealand

We are off to the Classic Fighters Airshow for Easter...

so excited to be seeing the planes & catching up with old friends :)

We took Sugar to the dog park as the sun was shining & we feel a bit mean putting her in kennels while we are away.

Now she is comatose on the couch after running herself ragged playing with a lovely Sibe that knew just how to play her way. Lots of chase me, chase you at high speed.

Moon - visiting family is always nice but even more special to share an activity like gardening with the next generation.

Al - we had a great season for tomatoes, hope yours do as well as most of mine did.

Even though it is autumn we had home grown tomato & basil salad with dinner last night & I picked fresh strawberries to have with my cereal this morning.

There was a good coating of dew on the plants - and a real chill to the air so it won't be long before frosts hit us.

take care all - have a happy Easter :)

cheers - Teresa

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Just passing through, wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Try not to eat too many chocolate goodies.

We have kids and grands home for the Holidays, it'll be a noisy weekend.


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Christchurch, New Zealand

back from my trip away...
lots of great aviation at Omaka.


The chap being interviewed puts so much into this airshow & supporting the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.
And he is a lovely person - he is very encouraging about the little restoration projects like our Auster.
Small potatoes next to a Spitfire but it's nice to have someone at the top greet you with a hug & ask after the plane :)

cheers - Teresa

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Wow! Nice videos and super show, wish I could visit. Some of the old warbirds are amazing to watch.

Good luck with the Auster, I've worked on similar Taylor and Piper aircraft here. Keeping it simple is always nice. It's the flying that I still enjoy, doesn't have to be fancy.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Yes , Jean , Im out here somewhere!.. Like you , everything has been legally settled, & a bit of a sigh & lets get on with it. My Daughter has been lucky , receiving estate money & shares , so she has been doing home improvements & I have been helping them along the way. Molly is on holiday at Port Arthur at other Nan n Pops shack... Work is very busy with the new 'MYER' shambles!!! being constructed & 2 massive fish farms in the Huon.. As for advice on a new modern car... go for whatever tickles your fancy... You only live once!!!.. I must tell you , I met a lovely lady, who turned out to be the' 7 headed Hydra from hell', who didn't like men with unkept beards, but would love some of my plants...What a machine!... Didn't really need that! Anyway , I can go to sleep at night knowing that Molly loves her Pop , so what else matters?

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Merino, Australia

Hello Anthony, great to see you here again.
You must be so busy with all the liliums and other bulbs.
I have my tulips coming up and I see a few leaves of the beautiful belladonna Hathor .
The brugmansias area mass of flowers . The weather has been kind to the plants with lovely mild days . Some light rain and cold winds in there too , but mainly lovely Autumn weather.

I finally settled on my new car .
A very nice burgundy Suburu Impreza.

I am glad to hear Molly is doing well and enjoying time with her other Nan & Pop.
Love that car of yours.

Now the house is gone, I have my new car , so its time to give myself a little holiday. I was going to visit Tassie, but too much hassle to get from here to there, so I will do a few short tours around the mainland.

Hello Al .
It must have been a great Easter for you , with family around.

Teresa, I'm not into planes, but its a great interest for those that do like them. My hubby would have loved them. He liked flying and had flown a few small planes years ago.

Time to go and feed the ever present magpies.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Good choice ,Jean

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