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Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Glad you had such a lovely birthday Teresa and it was so nice your brother from Sydney could be with you to celebrate it. Your garden must be looking lovely going by the photos you've posted recently, I love your hellebores, I think it would be too hot for them to do well here. That little violet is a lovely and unusual colour. I'm attempting to grow a lawn of native violets were it is too shady for lawn to do well. They are coming along quite nicely but still have quite a way to go to fill in around the pavers I laid. It is very hot here already and we have had a couple of good storms which have filled my rain water tank nicely. Just keeping plants watered has become a big job again with the heat but I probably should not have so many pot plants. I hope everyone is enjoying good weather and can get out in their gardens this weekend.
Photos, Iris, Osteospermum, Zygo cactus and Cordyline.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

lovely colour on the cordyline, they are strictly indoor plants her with the winter frosts.

I can see my bearded iris clumps are sending up leaves, they like the sunny front garden.

My roses are leafing up - didn't get around to pruning them but they look ok.

cheers - Teresa

Newcastle NSW, Australia

Computer has been giving me Gyp for so long, it would take too long to tell the story. My garden is starting to look a bit more organised and I finally have some pictures. I will have to downsize then before I put them in. I am useless with the Camera and it produces huge photos.

I just realised I can't post any Photos. I hope to subscribe soon so I CAN put my photos in. I'll be back

Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

I would agree cordyline would not grow outdoors in Ch Ch as they are not that happy in the Brisbane winters. I'm glad your roses are looking okay in spite of not being pruned. I would like to try some roses here but am worried the summer humidity would cause too many problems. I would love to be able to grow bearded iris too but will just have to enjoy the pictures you post Teresa. Look forward to some pictures from you soon Gabi. We've had some lovely rain so I am busy getting some bits and pieces planted while the conditions are good. My left hip is playing up and really slowing me down which is a pain (literally). Happy gardening all.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Gabi - this forum is free but sometimes a bit glitchy with the upload "Choose a File" button not appearing where it should...

I used to enjoy the weather in Brisbane & loved to grow Coleus from cuttings.

A couple of places we lived had roses & I don't recall there being any major issues with them

I think some varieties are more tolerant of humidity than others.

Hopefully we will have a nice weekend for getting out in the garden - the weeds have been enjoying the spring weather.

Take care all - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

lovely warm day yesterday so I did about two hours of weeding them took a few photos of what's blooming in my garden.

Today was cold & wet - poor hubby has taken the week off to try & do some flying & get his RPL - Recreational Pilots Licence - not a good start, but he did all the paper work side of things & with luck & good weather he should be able to do the flying component on Thursday.

take care all - Teresa

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Brisbane, Australia(Zone 10b)

Hi Teresa, what is the lovely white flower in your first photo, the unusual red flower in your second photo and the stunning blue flower in your third photo? Good you got a couple of hours of weeding in while the weather was warm. I hope the weather behaves enough for your hubby to get some flying in and get his RPL.

Some much needed rain here last night and this morning, still rather overcast this afternoon and lovely and cool only reaching 23 deg. I tend to rush around speading or renewing mulch after there has been a good rain as it seems the perfect time to do it and seal in some of the moisture. I have been enjoying watching my daylilies open as I just bought a mixed batch last season and get a new surprise flower most days now. I will attach some photos.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Magpie,
pic 1 is a clematis
pic 2 is a Chilean Firetree
pic 3 is a Giant Scilla - http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/59661/#b

Love your daylilies, I only have one double orange, seeing yours makes me think a few more would be nice :)

cheers - Teresa

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hi everyone!...just getting back to thew land of the living after all my operations.
I see a few of the " older posters" are still dropping by for a "cuppa"

Maybe we should have a reunion!


Christchurch, New Zealand

welcome back Marlene :)

a reunion is a great idea - quite a few members have gone over to FaceBook & we don't see them here now.

cheers - Teresa

Christchurch, New Zealand

just in case anyone is still looking in...

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year

cheers - Teresa

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Those are the strangest looking reindeer I've ever seen, Teresa! Though we do have dog sleds instead of sleighs here. So far we haven't even had much snow yet, usually we're covered by November.

Best wishes All for a Happy and Blessed Christmas Season!!


Christchurch, New Zealand

Mine is a rare liver spotted deermatian...

looks like fine weather here for Xmas day.

that will make for a nice afternoon with the extended family.

There will be at least a dozen of us getting together.

cheers - Teresa

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays. Hope you are all safe and smiling.

Merry Christmas


Christchurch, New Zealand

Xmas Day has dawned bright & fresh,
sun shining & birds singing & my home bred lily opened it's first bloom ever :)

It is a cross between a Xmas lily & a golden trumpet variety.

It is a paler gold than the pod parent but not plain white so I am quite pleased with my very first foray into lily breeding :)

Wonder if Anthony still looks in?
If so this lily is down to his hints & encouragement on this forum.

Cheers - Teresa

as long as DG doesn't change the order the pics are -
1 my new lily this morning
2 Xmas lily, pollen parent
3 Golden trumpet lily, pod parent
4 my baby this afternoon

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Christchurch, New Zealand

and my other baby this morning before we took her for a lovely walk at the dog park

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Newcastle NSW, Australia

I can see that I need to get my typing practice into gear! What has happened here?
I am sorry I have not been paying much attention to my favourites list. Where is everyone?
Teresa, you took that poor dog out in that outfit - now that's terrible thing to do, but I can't help laughing......poor baby!
Congratulations on the Lily birth, I am amazed it worked. Good on you!
Oh! I see that a lot of people have gone over to Facebook. I fell for that, too, along time ago - never again. I had better things to do than spend an hour deleting the photos of everyone else's friends and relo's off my page. It drove me nuts.
I must go now but I WILL be back!
Gabi from Bayway village, Fern Bay,Newcastle NSW (used to be in Blackalls Park on Lake Macquarie, we moved here in April '14)

Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi Gabi - I didn't make Sugar go out dressed as an elf...
although I did dress her up for a competition day just before Xmas.

We just had another sizeable earthquake here, most recent reports have it as 5.7, 15km deep 15 km East of ChCh.

I was vacuuming the club house at dog club & was impressed by how much movement we had.
I got down on the floor so as not to be knocked off my feet but it didn't quite get that bad.

Nothing broken at club or at home, those closer to the epicentre have suffered damage - broken glassware etc.

My inlaws who are recent returnees from the Gold Coast didn't feel it.
They have bought a brand new villa in one of the most stable parts of the city.

We were a bit worried about them as today is their first day there - they have been staying with us since early December.

Well take care all

victor harbor, Australia

Hi everyone, I am new to this site. Loved reading everyone's news. I live in Victor Harbor - a seaside town in South Australia. We have about an acre of land around our house - which is usually green but we have had only about 1/3rd of our rain for the year so far. We are entirely on tank water so the garden gets less than usual. I have a husband - who is gravely ill a present - and a nine month old dog. Must go now. Helen

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