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Confer ID?

Perth, Australia

I am in Perth, WA. I saw a conifer in a yard and asked the owner what it was. He said it was Cupressus Deodarus. Checking that out turned up Cupressus Deodara, but that only had a couple of hits and the best lead was Cedrus Deodara (Himalyan Cedar, Not a Cypress at all).

The guy said he thought it came from the Himalays and that they were everywhere in the Eastern States, although they seem quite rara here as I have never seen before one and I think I would remember! The only thing is the pictures that were shown, although close, were not quite as stunning as the one I actually saw, so I am wondering if this is the same tree.

It5 seems highly likely except for the pictures just not quite looking right.

Thanks for any help


Perth, Australia


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