Are these programs slowing down my pc?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Last week I took this Gateway table top into shop because it had a virus. However, now this pc is slower then ever. I noticed icons on the lower right screens including Network6 Interntet access, Hot Key Utility & a 3rd one Cyberlink Media Espresso. Are these necessary and could they be the culprits?

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A great number of things could be slowing down your computer. Since we all use our computers differently, I cannot tell you to stop and/or delete those 3 programs. Myself, I would. However they are probably not the main culprits. Gene

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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Thank you.

I am going to delete them.

Pompano Beach, FL

Most of the things that slow down computers are adwares (and manufacturer installed bloatwares). They are more popular nowadays, "virus" isn't profitable. You can use the program "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" to scan and remove the malwares. It is a highly recommended program.

You can disable programs from starting up when you turn on your computer, so they don't run in the background. I recommend using "CCleaner" to clean up unused data from the computers, and it let you monitor the start up programs. Go to "Tools" then "Startup" and it let you disable the startup programs. You need to be careful to not disable things that are important.

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Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I use Malwarebytes and C Cleaner. I try to remember to run every week or so. Thank you.

Jacksonville, NC

get in the habit to check what you have installed using control panel. many times when you download stuff programs also install programs that you did not ask for and are unaware of them. that is how you get infected. always check your installed programs if you notice something you did not install, DELETE it via control panel uninstall.

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Quote from anastatia :
Last week I took this Gateway table top into shop...

It's actually a Gateway and not Acer?? How old is the machine?

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the use of CCleaner and Malwarebytes are excellent suggestions, as I have used them for years. Malwarebytes runs in back ground. CCleaner can be run in background or as needed. I prefer as needed and will run it once a week, normally cleaning the registry.

If your computer is slow, as stated by others, you can remove them with CCleaner/tools/uninstall. Also check what is loading when the computer starts - CCleaner/tools/Startup.

If you are still slow, how much RAM does your computer have. I bought my wife a new Toshiba LT with only 4GBs of ram. way too slow. I changed it to 16GB of ram; it now is fairly speedy.

Hope this helps

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Bring up task manager to see what is hogging your resources. Right click on the task bar and select Task Manager. Or press CTL+ALT+DEL and select T.M. there.

Once T.M. is up you can select it to stay on top of all windows (can be distracting but minimizing it will help) or not stay on top (but then you lose the ability to see what is busy when you click on any other window). (Options, Always on Top)

If you have Win 10 then T.M. will be simple to begin with so click on More Details. On the processes tab, click on the CPU column name to see the tasks that are busiest to least busy. Similarly if you have a memory hog, click on the Memory column name to go from the most usage to least. So selecting any column name will sort it to that column. Clicking the same column name a second time will reverse sort it.

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