Growing Chiritas -Need advice

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Mine seem to make more foliage than flowers, and They are already is 6 inch (some 8 inch pots) put seem like they might need more room. I hate to divide them because they already are slow bloomers. Any experience out there?

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

Crystal . . . I haven't had any chirita's since they changed the name, but when I did have them I treated them just like violets. It could be that they like to be a bit crowded in the roots before they send up flowers?

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Some of them are tricky to bloom.They do need a fairly tight pot and should be grown just a little dryer than violets.

Saco, ME

Like everyone above I agree with the fact that you might be caring for them TOO GOOD *lol*
Chirit as don't seem to bloom as much as african violet as a rule but they do like to be pot bound and I let mine completely dry out and then water.
Primarily they are grown for their foliage and form.
I have JUST started giving mine a little shot of 20-20-20 and may try a bloom booster further into the season. But not much; they are not heavy feeders.
That is just my experience and I only grow 1 now because space is such a commodity here *lol*

(tish) near Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

It also depends on which ones you have. Some varieties only bloom once a year. Others more often. I have had a couple just finish blooming. Mine like the window light best, south window with the shade film on windows, because near Atlanta, they get a lot of sun, even in winter. I have read they shouldn't be fertilized in winter and only lightly fertilized the rest of the year. Mine are mostly in oyama pots so they do dry out between waterings because I can't see the water level. One that bloomed recently I had been thinking of chucking as it was big and not blooming, but boy did it bloom last month, lots and lots of blooms and bloom stalks. I think it was miniko? labels are fading, and I think its a once a year bloomer, possible the bloom buds have dried out before and that is why it hadn't bloomed.


(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Thanks for all the info.
Plants are big and nice for the most part, but maybe I am expecting too many blooms. They do seem to like lots of light and the ones I have in the g'house are growing well. I try not to let temp fall below 52, a temp that violets could not endure, but they seem to do fine. Thanks all.

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