Trachelium caeruleum

Middletown, DE

Hi, I want to save the seeds from my Trachelium caeruleum that I just purchased and I don't understand what it means by seeds can be saved if properly cleaned. Can anyone help?

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

As far as the terminology in the entry, there are standard lines which can be selected in an entry for each species. Whomever contributed to this entry chose the lines you are asking about. I would guess that the seeds form within a capsule or pod, and that to save them you should remove them from the capsule/pod - rather than saving the whole capsule/pod.

I don't know that plant at all, but I bet you will get more information and responses from posting this question over on the Perennials forum, where this species likely has more gardeners' experience growing it.

This forum generally is for addressing questions of navigation through the PlantFiles database, and how to make contributions therein.

Good luck in your quest, and with your gardening in the future.

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