Anyone interested in topics on fermentation, sprouting, etc?

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Here is a copy of my letter to admin and the response:

I am very interested in learning about fermentation, sprouting, sourdough, cheesemaking, etc in regards to food preparation but have no experience with it. Would love to see a community on Dave's Garden dedicated to it. I know some of the members on the recipe sites mention it occasionally so know others are interested also. Any hope of getting a forum for fermentation?

Mon, March 30, 2015
12:54 PM
Hi Redbird,

Thank you for the suggestion! Historically, most new forums began as a "grass roots" effort. Why not start some threads in the Cooking forum and let's see where they go? If enough interest is generated, we'll look in to creating the new forum, but we want to make sure that if we build it, they will come. Nothing is more disheartening than to open up a forum and see that the activity level is low to non-existent.

So, the particular topic that prompted this inquiry was the fact that last year I made fermented dill pickles and they turned out wonderfully. Wonderful flavor and nice and crisp. I had a 3 gallon crock of them and when they were at their peak I wanted to preserve them at that point and take some of them to family members at Christmas. The only think I knew to do with them was to store them in the refrigerator but I don't have that much available space for a long period of time so I proceeded to can them. NOT! Flavor was still good but they went from being nice and crisp to limp and wimpy. The family lives 2000 miles away and it is a 3 day drive. Didn't know what else to do with them to store them long terms as I wasn't sure they would have room in the fridge for them either. Anyone have a solution to this? And is anyone else interested in fermentation: sourdough, cheese making, wine making, sprouting, etc?

Anadarko, OK

I know this is an old thread.. But I'm thinking maybe if I comment someone would get on here to talk about this. I have so much interest in am those things listed sourdough, cheese-making, and sprouting in particular. I've done a lot of research on all those things but have yet only made the sourdough (which is absolutely amazing) and some seed sprouting. Neither one killed me.
Growing up my family didn't do any of these things.. We usually ate precooked/microwave foods, cooked a good meal a couple times a week and went to grandma's every Sunday (we ate lunch at school). So needless to say, I want to learn how to cook from scratch and traditional methods of food preparation. And I am learning but if anyone who is doing any of these things could share their invaluable knowledge that would be awesome!

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I do. If you follow the What's For Dinner thread on the Recipe forum or look up old posts by topic you will see a history. I have limited experience making cheese but make paneer, yogurt and buttermilk. I've made pretty good mozzarella, which is not fermented, but it's been awhile. Been sprouting since the sixties. I mostly do mung bean and alfalfa. I occasionally make fermented pickles and kraut and bake with sourdough several times a month. I cook almost every night and grow a lot of our food. In pursuit of a healthier, less processed and additive free diet, I learned to can. These endeavors are time consuming. I do some things frequently and others I've not done in several years. Outside of fermented foods, I love making pasta. We smoke our own meats and fish and I know what's in our sausage because it's usually homemade.

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I have considered fermenting vegetables. It is suppose to be very healthy for you. I have been looking at Youtube videos.

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I just made my first fermented veggies. It's a mixture of of cabbage, rutabaga, garlic and carrots. The jars are setting next my kombucha tea.

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How can you ferment in lidded jars? Are you concerned about exploding the jars? I never seal my ferments.

Well, I've been cooking a lot of Chinese food for the Chinese New Year and sprouting mung beans to go in various dishes. Got kale and radish seed hanging around that should be used.

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I loosen the caps to vent daily.

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