PlantFiles plant height question

Honeoye Falls, NY

When two different heights are given, is that the plant height and the height with flower stalk?


I guess the same question could be asked about spacing.



Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

I expect thare are several interpretations. I use the two entries when the the plant is in between the two choices.

Honeoye Falls, NY

I guess I don't understand what your saying.

If I read about plant A in a newspaper article and look it up at Dave's Garden and it says 6-12" and 14-20", why does that mean the plant falls in between the two? If I head to the Missouri Plant Database, it would just say 12-14" and be done.

And if there is multiple interpretations, how is the data of any use?

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

If I were putting plant A into the data base, it would mean that the plant would be between 9 and 15 inches.Note that individuals add the info to the data base and the choices don't fit every plant, it just gives a general idea. Also different climatic as well as growing conditions create a great variance in the size of many plants..

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