The Real Medicinal Aloe

Ellendale, DE(Zone 7a)

Can anyone advise on what the real medicinal aloe is? I have heard that it is not Aloe Vera nor the popular smooth kind available at discount stores. Or perhaps the smooth kind is not really Aloe Vera ... Help ...Anyone?

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

I have heard of Aloe vera, arborescens, and ferox being used in some form for medicine. I think other aloes are used in certain parts of the world. There is a distinction concerning what part is used: the gel (Aloe vera) vs. the juice (A. ferox) but that is my crude outside understanding, not having used any aloes for this purpose. When you eat the extract, as opposed to using it on your skin, the number one thing to expect is rapid mobilization of your bowels.

As a basic starting point, I would not experiment with anything other than Aloe vera, which is the "real" medicinal aloe in my mind. It has been cultivated by humans for so long that it is actually unable to grow true from seed. Aloe vera is extremely common here (most common aloe and one of the most common succulents) but I understand things are different in less forgiving climates.

Center, TX

Hi everyone. I have the small aloe vera and for some time now it has black spots on the plant. Is this a pest of some kind or is it something in the soil? Any advice will be a big help. Alday

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

Could be some type of fungus. I would lighten up on the watering and be sure the soil has good drainage. Other than that I'm not sure what to use on the fungus that is now there.

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